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Program Management

Managing a Study Abroad Program

Once a study abroad program is fully approved, faculty program directors have multiple responsibilities and tasks to carry out.  The Office of International Programs & Services is here to assist faculty in meeting their program goals and these requirements.  The guides below are designed to provide faculty with the resources need to familiarize program directors with the policies and procedures of following through with recruiting for, financially managing, and leading students abroad on their program.

Use the following tabs to become familiar with these policies and procedures.

Financial Accounting

Like all forms of travel and use of institutional funds, study abroad program funds housed in Agency Accounts are subject to their own specific rules.  The Financial Accounting Manual provided here is designed to provide faculty with as much detail as possible about how funds are collected, dispersed, what they may be used to purchase, and how records should be kept.  Faculty are encouraged to read this manual early and carefully.

Financial Accounting Manual for Study Abroad Programs

Wire Transfer Information Form


Once a program is approved, the faculty member’s primary responsibility is to spend time recruiting for their program.  The OIPS will provide multiple forms of assistance and materials to faculty for this purpose, but faculty need to be fully engaged with the recruitment process and excite students about their program opportunity.  Use the provided handout to read through recruitment ideas and tactics to learn about how to engage with students.

Recruiting for Study Abroad Programs (coming shortly)

Disciplinary Procedures

On all programs, students are subject to the student code of conduct, and the policies which govern classroom behavior and the ability of faculty members to make decisions regarding classroom structure and organization.  Indeed, a program abroad is a Georgia Southern classroom and faculty have the final word regarding behavioral expectations and program policies to their students.  While year to year the large majority of programs experience very minor or no issues, faculty can use the Disciplinary Procedures Manual to understand how to approach and attempt to resolve the issues that may arise during a Study Abroad program.

Disciplinary Procedures Manual for Study Abroad Programs

Safety and Emergency Procedures

Maintaining safety and security of a student group abroad is one of the most important aspects of leading a study abroad program.  While all programs and program locations are vetted for safety and security during the approval process, faculty leading programs should carefully read and become knowledgeable with the emergency management procedures in place in the event an emergency arises.  This manual covers a wide range of issues from lost passports, to arrest, to illness, and more.

(Updated manual and guidelines coming soon.)

Last updated: 12/21/2016