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University of Canberra

Canberra, New South Wales, Australia

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The University of Canberra is a 4-year comprehensive institution located in Canberra, Australia and located 4 hours from Sydney, the Australian coastline, and boasts a mob of kangaroos living on campus!  This university offers a wide range of academic disciplines available to exchange students, and great adventure & outdoor activities that will allow you to discover Australia.  With small classes sizes, a residential campus, and plenty of services and amenities, students will make an easy transition while studying abroad.

University of Canberra Homepage
Site for Visiting Exchange Students

Basic Information
Language of Instruction: 

Best for majors/minors: Accounting, Athletic Training, Communication Studies, Construction Management,  Criminal Justice/Criminology, Economics, Education (Early Childhood and Secondary), Exercise Science, Finance, Graphic Design, Health Sciences, Hospitality Management, Information Systems, Information Technology, International Studies/Trade, Interior Design*, Journalism, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Multimedia Film Production, Nutrition & Food Science, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health, Public Relations, Radiologic Sciences, Rehabilitation Sciences, Sociology, Sports Management, Statistics, Studio/Visual Arts*, Writing

*Coursework may be available with special permission and the submission of a portfolio.  Contact the Office of International Programs & Services for more information.

Eligibility: Students should have completed 45 credit hours and have an institutional GPA of 2.5 at the time of application.

Fall term (Semester 2): August – November
Spring term (Semester 1): February – May

Accommodations: On-campus residence halls are available and easily accessible for exchange students.  Each dormitory offers a variety of different types of rooms, and students should compare between them.  On-campus housing is guaranteed, though room preference is not.  For interested student, off-campus accommodations, though less convenient, are available.  Learn more about accommodations for exchange students at UC.

Meal options: A dining plan is not offered by UC, though there are excellent dining options on campus, and all on-campus accommodations offer access to a full kitchen were students prepare meals for themselves independently.  Canberra is brimming with cafes, restaurants, bakeries, markets, and grocery shops.  Students will have many options for a wide range of budgets.

Estimated Cost of Participation: Students pay their tuition, fees, and medical insurance costs to Georgia Southern, and can access their financial aid while studying abroad.  The cost of accommodations and services will be paid directly to UC.  Click here to view the breakdown of fees and estimated expenses for a term at UC.

How to Apply
In order to apply to participate on the exchange to Wilfrid Laurier, students will need to carefully complete and submit the forms/information listed below.  All materials should be submitted to the Office of International Programs & Services by the posted deadline.  Students are encouraged to submit all items together.

  1. Georgia Southern Application for Exchange
  2. 500-750 word essay of motivation/educational intent
  3. Two letters of recommendation from a professor or academic advisor
  4. Official copy of your Georgia Southern transcript
  5. Host Institution Course Request List
  6. Copy of your passport information page
  7. One (1) recent passport photo
  8. Copy of your current course schedule

Students who submit all materials by the deadline and meet the eligibility requirements will be invited to the Office of International Programs & Services for a brief interview before committee.

Once formally selected to participate on the program, students will need to complete UC’s online application form, which can be accessed through the University of Canberra’s Online System.

How to Search for Courses
Students should be aware that UC does not normally waive pre-requisite courses for visiting exchange students.  While searching for courses, students should make sure they have completed the equivalent of the pre-requisites listed by UC.

To find courses, use the Unit Search for Exchange Students.  Select “Undergraduate” as the level of study from the drop-down menu. Next, select the appropriate Faculty (or College) where your field of study is housed as UC.  Finally, select your intended term of study.  Note that at UC, Semester 1 is the Spring term, and Semester 2 is the Fall term. The list of courses in the selected subject being offered in that term are displayed, and students can click on course title will display any pre-requisites, meeting times, and other information.  Course numbers do not indicate a specific level of study, so student should make sure to read about each course to ensure they are eligible to sign up for that class.

Please note that, like Georgia Southern, UC doesn’t always have its course schedules up very far in advance.  It is, however, reliable in rotating courses.  If you don’t see your term of study listed yet, use the corresponding term from a previous year to get an idea of what will be offered.

Understanding Grades and Credits
Students should plan to take the equivalent of at least 12 Georgia Southern credit hours while abroad.  In the NSW system, courses are typically 3 credit points each, which is the equivalent of 3 Georgia Southern credit hours.  So students should plan to take 4-5 courses while attending UC, depending on how many credits they would like to earn during the semester.

Grades will also transfer back as they equate to the grading scale at Georgia Southern.  To see how grades transfer from Wilfrid Laurier to Georgia Southern, click here.

Last updated: 6/14/2018