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United International College

Zhuhai, Guangdon, China

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United International College is a 4-year comprehensive institution located in Zhuhai, China that represents a collaborative effort between Bejijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University located a short ferry ride across the harbor from Hong Kong and next to Macau.  Sitting within one of China’s special economic zones, this university offers a wide range of academic disciplines available to exchange students.  This is an excellent opportunity for students looking for an exciting and challenging experience abroad.

United International College Homepage
Site for Visiting Exchange Students (Select “International Exchange Students” from the drop-down International Students header)

Basic Information
Language of Instruction: 
English; some limited offerings in Mandarin

Best for majors/minors: Accounting, Chinese language*, Economics, English Literature, Environmental Science, Finance, Human Resources, Information Systems, International Studies, Management, Marketing, Nutrition & Food Science, Political Science, Psychology, Public Relations, Statistics.

*Very limited offerings are available each term.

Eligibility: Students should have completed 45 credit hours at the time of application and have an institutional GPA of 2.5.

Fall term: August – December
Spring term: February – May
Click here for the academic calendar.

Accommodations: On-campus residence in the Student Hostel Culture Center is reserved for exchange students and makes living on campus and transitioning to a semester in China very easy.  Most students should expect to live in a double room with air conditioning and an attached bath.  Exchange students are often paired to live with a Chinese student during their time at UIC.  Each floor of the Culture Center provides access to a common space for socializing with kitchenette, study room, and laundry area.  Learn more about accommodations at UIC.

Students who wish to stay for a full academic year should note that dormitories close during the break period and alternate arrangements will need to be made.

Meal options: UIC does not offer a meal plan, but several dining options are available through campus canteens/cafeterias and local restaurants nearby.  Students also have the option of doing some shopping and cooking on their own since they will have kitchenette access.  Dining on campus and in Zhuhai is affordable and quite cost-effective for most students.

Estimated Cost of Participation: Students pay their tuition, fees, and medical insurance costs to Georgia Southern, and can access their financial aid while studying abroad.  The cost of accommodations, meals, and services will be paid directly to UIC.  Click here to view the breakdown of fees and estimated expenses for a term at United International College.

How to Apply
In order to apply to participate on the exchange to United International College, students will need to carefully complete and submit the forms/information listed below.  All materials should be submitted to the Office of International Programs & Services by the posted deadline.  Students are encouraged to submit all items together.

  1. Georgia Southern Application for Exchange
  2. UIC Application Form for Exchange-in Students
  3. 500-750 word essay of motivation/educational intent
  4. Two letters of recommendation from a professor or academic advisor
  5. Official copy of your Georgia Southern transcript
  6. Host Institution Course Request List
  7. Copy of your passport information page
  8. Three passport photos
  9. Copy of your current course schedule

Students who submit all materials by the deadline and meet the eligibility requirements will be invited to the Office of International Programs & Services for a brief interview before committee.

Once formally selected to participate, students will need to complete a Physician’s Certificate and obtain a Certificate of Enrollment.  The OIPS will provide additional details and instructions.

How to Search for Courses
Students should note that United International College does not waive pre-requisite courses for visiting exchange students.  While searching for courses, students should make sure they have completed the equivalent of the pre-requisites listed by UIC.

To find courses, use the Undergraduate Academic Handbook for their cohort.  Students will see a list of programs and Division they fall under.  Click the link for the program that most aligns with your academic needs/interests.  This will open a pdf file for that academic program.  Scrolling through, students will see a list of major required and elective courses taught by the Division for their program.  Please note that at the bottom of the Undergraduate Academic Handbook there is an Appendix II of Course Descriptions.  Once you have chosen courses of interest in your program, you should use the Appendix to read a description of the course and see what pre-requisites may exist for the course.  Most courses at the 2000 and 3000 level may be used to satisfy upper-level major requirements.

Most courses are offered each term, but this is not always the case.  Therefore, students should plan to provide a brief list of alternate courses in addition to their first choices.

Understanding Grades and Credits
Students should plan to take the equivalent of at least 12 Georgia Southern credit hours while abroad.  At UIC courses are typically 2-4 credit hours each, and students take between 15 – 22 credits in a single term.  This is the equivalent of 12-18 Georgia Southern credit hours.  So students should plan to take 4-5 courses while attending UIC, depending on how many credits they would like to earn during the semester.  Students should pay close attention to the credit hour value of UIC courses while putting together their course request list.

Grades will also transfer back as they equate to the grading scale at Georgia Southern.  To see how grades transfer from United International College to Georgia Southern, click here.

Last updated: 10/26/2016