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Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany



Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt is an institution that focuses on engineering sciences with strong application component located in Ingolstadt, Germany.  Situated in Germany’s famed Bavaria region, just 45 minutes north of Munich by train, this city is packed with many cultural, technological, and historic sites – as well as boasting the headquarters of Audi International.  Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt welcomes hundreds of international students from around the world to engage with its academic programs.  Students will have the opportunity to advance their knowledge of German engineering techniques and advancements, as well as complete academic requirements toward their degrees.

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt Homepage
Site for Visiting Exchange Students

Basic Information

Language of Instruction: English, German

Best for majors/minors: Electrical Engineering, German Language, International Trade, Mechanical Engineering

*Note: Computer Science, Marketing, and Management courses may be available with limited availability.  Students should visit the Office of International Programs & Services to learn more.

Eligibility: Students should have completed 45 credit hours at the time of application and have an institutional GPA of 2.5.

Fall term: October – February
Spring term: March – July
See the academic calendar.

*Note: It is not recommended for students to begin their study in the Fall term unless they plan to study for the entire academic year, or will take the Spring term off.

Accommodations: As is common in Germany, THI does not have dormitories, but instead works with local landlords to help students select from a wide variety of privately managed student apartments.  Options are available in a wide range of prices, neighborhoods, and number of roommates.  Residence hall are more likely to be fully furnished, and shared apartments may not be, though all should have access to full bathrooms and kitchens.  It is recommended that students try to live in close proximity to the campus for convenient access to the range of services, activities, and businesses available in the city center.  Housing is in great demand in Ingolstadt, and student are encouraged to being looking early.  Students beginning their studies in the Fall term should be begin looking for accommodations in May, and those beginning studies in the Spring term should begin looking in November.  Additional information about accommodations is located here.

Meal options: Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt does not offer a meal plan for purchase, but a cafeteria is located on campus where students can eat meals during the day.  Otherwise, a plentiful variety of quality quick food stands, restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries are available in Ingolstadt with easy access for all meals.  Students are able to cook for themselves and purchase all meals and food independently.

Estimated Cost of Participation: Students pay their tuition, fees, and medical insurance costs to Georgia Southern, and can access their financial aid while studying abroad.  The cost of accommodations, meal plan, and additional services will be paid directly to THI and/or a local provider.  Click here to view the breakdown of fees and estimated expenses for a term at THI.

Information on Life at THI

How to Apply
In order to apply to participate on the exchange to THI, students will need to carefully complete and submit the forms/information listed below.  All materials should be submitted to the Office of International Programs & Services by the posted deadline.  Students are encouraged to submit all items together.

  1. Georgia Southern Application for Exchange
  2. 500-750 word essay of motivation/educational intent
  3. Two letters of recommendation from a professor or academic advisor
  4. A one-page resume
  5. Official copy of your Georgia Southern transcript
  6. Host Institution Course Request List
  7. Copy of your passport information page
  8. Copy of your current course schedule

Students who submit all materials by the deadline and meet the eligibility requirements will be invited to the Office of International Programs & Services for a brief interview before committee.

Once formally selected to participate in the exchange program to THI, students will need to complete the online application form, which will be emailed directly to students.

How to Search for Courses
Students should note that THI does its best to ensure exchange students can enroll in as many of their first-choice courses as possible.  Based on the information provided for each course, students should make sure they are have completed any coursework at Georgia Southern that will assist them in preparing for their course selections.

To find courses, student should use the use the listing of available courses in English, which is kept as up-to-date as possible.  Since THI rotates its course offerings fairly reliably, so if the anticipated term of study is not available in the course search, students should still be able to compose a course list.  Students should ensure they are selecting courses listed as offered in the term they plan to study abroad.  It is important to note that the Fall term at Georgia Southern corresponds with the “Winter” term at THI, and Spring term corresponds to THI’s “Summer” term.

When completing their Host Institution Course Request List, students should make sure to provide some alternate course options, as well.

Understanding Grades and Credits
Students must take the equivalent of at least 12 Georgia Southern credit hours while abroad.  German Universities utilize the ECTS education system, and course credits are calculated differently.  Typically courses listed as worth anywhere from 4-7 ECTS points are the equivalent of 3 Georgia Southern credit hours.  Students should plan to take 24-30 ECTS points during their term abroad.  Please see the Office of International Programs & Services for more assistance with calculating ECTS points and contact hours.

Grades will also transfer back as they equate to the grading scale at Georgia Southern.  To see how grades transfer from Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt to Georgia Southern, click here.

Last updated: 11/1/2016