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International Visiting Scholars

The primary purpose of the J-1 Exchange Visitor visa is to foster the exchange of ideas between Americans and foreign nationals and to stimulate international collaborative teaching and research efforts. The J-1 visa is the easiest and quickest visa to get, but it has certain limitations which must be considered when bringing foreign faculty members and researchers to the University. Additional information on the J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa is available on the U.S. Department of State website.

The Office of International Programs & Services encourages all academic departments to considering hosting Exchange Visitors (EVs) as either a Professor, Research Scholar, Short-term Scholar, or, in limited cases, Student.  Carefully read through the instructions and campus procedures on Page 1 of the Request to Host an Exchange Visitor form.   Once you are ready to obtain approval to host an EV, use the Approval Request Form to acquire all necessary signatures from campus officials.

If you are unsure about how begin this process or have more questions about Georgia Southern’s Exchange Visitor Programs, email

Last updated: 3/2/2020