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We thank you for considering the Botanic Garden for your photography session.

The Garden is available for photographic use Monday through Friday during regular business hours when Garden grounds, facilities, and gates are open.

Photography sessions must end 30 minutes prior to the Garden closing (6:30 pm April – October & 5 pm November – March).

There are no Photography Sessions on Saturday or Sunday.

If you are receiving payment for your services,
or are rendering services typically provided by a professional photographer,
or are taking photographs of more than 5 people:


1.  Call the Garden at (912) 478-1149 to make a reservation.  Reservations should be made at least 3 days in advance. 

2.  Pay the Photography Fee, in advance ($50.00/hour).  Reservations and pre-paid permit fees must be paid over the phone, in person by cash, check, or credit card, or a secure online link can be emailed to you.

3.  Pick up the Photographer ID Tag and review and sign the Garden Photography Policy at our office (1201 Fair Road) prior to your shoot.  You must wear tag during your shoot to avoid interruption by Garden staff.

4.  Please follow Garden Photography Policy.

* For groups of more than 10, special arrangements are required.  Please call (912) 478-1149.

Enjoy the Garden.

For all photographers:

DO remember that other people are visiting the Garden for beauty, solitude, and enjoyment. DO remember that even if a bed looks empty, something may be sprouting below the surface.
DO stay on the paths and out of planting beds.  When in doubt, please stay out!
DO keep in mind that this is a plant museum.  Do not pick flowers, leaves or any plantings growing in the Garden.

Last updated: 8/2/2022