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Teach for FYSY

Thank you so much for your interest in teaching one of our courses!

FYE 1220 First-Year Seminar

FYE 1220 First-Year Seminar is an introduction to college-level inquiry and campus engagement. Students take this course during their first semester at Georgia Southern unless they enter as a transfer student with 30 hours or more. To express interest in teaching FYE 1220, please complete the interest form.

If this is your first time teaching for us, please complete the Credentialing for FYE 1220 Instructors process. This is a one-time process to allow new instructors to be listed as instructors of record.

Georgia Southern’s First Year Seminar course includes a common read to stimulate critical thinking and enrich classroom discussion. This book will help to introduce students to First-Year Seminar student learning outcomes, and provide students opportunities to relate concepts to their own experiences. The First- and Second-Year Steering Committee, made up of faculty, staff, and students, worked with the campus community to select this year’s common read.

Instructors who wish to join a book club focused on the common read can submit their information here. These book clubs are an opportunity for instructors to discuss the common read as they read through the text, share observations and thoughts, and brainstorm strategies for incorporating the text within their FYE 1220 courses.

CORE 2000 Core Capstone

CORE 2000 Core Capstone is a required one-hour Area B Core Curriculum course for students who are completing their second year of collegiate work. In this course students will make connections among their core curriculum, their career goals, and their external activities, and articulate how these connections inform their understanding of their place in the world. The majority of CORE 2000 sections are assigned to a specific academic focus area. Faculty interested in teaching a section of CORE 2000 should work with their Deans and Department Chairs to request a section.

FYE 1000 Conversations with Professors

FYE 1000 Conversations with Professors is one of many opportunities for faculty to engage with new incoming students prior to the beginning of the fall semester. During this meeting, students will have the opportunity to hear success tips for the first week of class, discuss expectations of faculty and students, and develop strategies for successful academic engagement. This 75-minute program takes place the day before classes begin. To learn more about FYE 1000 and ways to get involved contact Dr. Christopher Caplinger

Last updated: 7/22/2020