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FYSY Courses

FYE 1220 First-Year Seminar

First-Year Seminar is an introduction to college-level inquiry and campus engagement. Students take this course during their first semester at Georgia Southern unless they enter as a transfer student with 30 hours or more.

Students will . . .

  1. Develop and apply information literacy skills in academic and non-academic contexts by:
    • Determining the nature and extent of information needed to answer a question, explore a topic, solve a problem, and/or complete a project.
    • Identifying and accessing sources for their informational need.
    • Critically evaluating information for its currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy, and purpose.
    • Applying ethical standards in their use of information.
  2. Engage with their degree program, campus resources, and community by:
    • Researching their major (or potential major) and evaluating the extent to which degree expectations align with their personal goals.
    • Reflecting upon how campus engagement helps them reach goals and/or overcome personal challenges.
    • Examining our rights, responsibilities, and the impact of our communication with others.
  3. Discuss diversity and inclusion through:
    • Examining their own identity and life experiences to understand how these influence their view of the world and how one behaves and interacts with others.
    • Exploring the differing experiences of privileged and/or minoritized identities and the common ground all identities share.
    • Articulating the challenges and rewards of interacting with others who differ from themselves and the role we all play in creating inclusive and exclusionary environments.

CORE 2000 Core Capstone

CORE 2000 is a required one-hour Area B Core Curriculum course for students who are completing their second year of collegiate work. The course is designed to help students connect their academic learning to their future academic decision, their co-curricular choices, their vision for their own professional practice, and their responsibilities as global citizens.

Students will…

  • Articulate how their general education foundation has contributed to their developing global perspective
  • Analyze how their academic and lived curriculum (core-level) studies have contributed to the development of their academic and professional goals.

Last updated: 5/31/2022