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FYSY Steering Committee

The First- and Second-Year Steering Committee

Building on the cornerstone of Student Success this committee is charged with ensuring that our First- and Second-Year Experience courses are accessible, relatable, engaging, and responsive to our contemporary educational environments. This means the committee will continue to develop materials, practices, and opportunities that prepare students to become self-directed learners capable of authoring their own educational experiences. This committee, therefore, will help develop and revise our course cores, ensure quality as those courses develop, engage with stakeholders, provide advice and feedback, and make recommendations in this development.

The committee is happy to consider solution-based recommendations. If you have ideas you’d like the First- and Second-Year Steering Committee to consider please submit those ideas here.

2020-2021 Steering Committee Members

Dustin Anderson, Co-Chair, Provost Faculty Fellow
Brenda Richardson, Co-Chair, Assistant Director, First- and Second-Year Programs
Amee Adkins, Department Chair, Middle Grades & Secondary Education
Jośe de Arimatéia da Cruz, Professor, Political Science & International Studies
Jasmine Brown, Academic Advisor, Allen E Paulson College of Engineering & Computing
Tricia Brown, Professor, Mathematical Science
Finbarr Curtis, Associate Professor, Philosophy & Religious Studies
Marcelene Delcampo, Student Representative
Gabriela Fimbres Nemer, Academic Advisor, Armstrong Advisement Center
Jamila Jamison-Neto, Student Representative
Sara Kuczynski, Academic Success Coach, Academic Success Center
Dantrell Maewaether, Provost Student Fellow
Nandi Marshall, Associate Professor, Health Policy & Community Health
Tanesha Osborn, Senior Lecturer, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Lauren Patterson, Assistant Director, Counseling Center
McKenzie Peterman, Assistant Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs
Marysol Ramirez Ayon, Coordinator of Peer Education & Programming, First- and Second-Year Programs
Aiyanna Thomas, Student Representative

Last updated: 10/1/2020