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First-Year Seminar Themes in Statesboro, Spring 2019

Georgia Southern students rank First-Year Seminar themes that they would be interested in taking before attending SOAR. By ranking in advance, students are able to make an intentional decision about the course that they take. Ranking also speeds up the registration process significantly. To do so, complete this worksheet and bring it with you to SOAR. Please note: do not send the ranking worksheet to Georgia Southern in advance.

Themes that are part of a learning community are noted by a course listed in the “linked course” column. These courses are both taught by the same professor, and students must take them together. Make a note of both CRNs if a learning community interests you.

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ThemeDescriptionCRN(s)Days and TimesProfessor
Brains and Bad BehaviorThis course will introduce students to how the brain (structure and function) and neurological processes within the brain, such as neurotransmission, influence antisocial behavior along with the social environment. Methods to study the brain including fMRI and PET scanning will be covered. Students will also be exposed to the promises and pitfalls of using biological and sociological information in crime prevention and intervention.20343T & Th, 12:30-1:20Posick, Chad
Disney and Indirect CommunicationIn this course, students will watch and critically discuss Disney animated films in order to discover the indirect messages being communicated to audiences.20341M & W, 9:05-9:55Groover, Michelle
Engineering Your FutureThe theme of this course is ideal for all engineering students, especially the first-generation engineers. It will help students explore the engineering fields and the skills needed to succeed as engineers. It will cover essential skills like problem solving, teamwork, technical communication skills, engineering ethics, and skills to succeed in the classroom and in industry.20345T & Th, 8-8:50Siddiqui, Salman
Ethical Dilemmas in BusinessVery public scandals have shaken the real estate, mortgage and banking industries. Examples of unethical behaviors also exist in the small business and nonprofit sector. Why would a company take such risks? This course will examine both current (and historical) examples of unethical behavior(s) in businesses. We will discuss factors influencing managerial ethics and look at ways many businesses prevent overstepping boundaries. When faced with future ethical dilemmas, what are some basic questions that might help us all make better business decisions?20342T & Th, 11-11:50Roach, Susan
Free SpeechIn 1964, Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. wrote in  New York Times v. Sullivan that the First Amendment provides that "debate on public issues ... ... uninhibited, robust, and wide-open." In practice, however, Americans have vigorously disputed the application of the First Amendment. Most people believe in the right to free speech, but debate whether it should cover flag-burning, music lyrics, advertising, hate speech, pornography, and other forms of symbolic speech. Many would agree to limiting some forms of free expression. We will tackle this issue by first placing free speech in a global perspective. Next, we will look at some classic challenges to the freedom of expression in American history. Finally, we will try to project what the future holds for this basic human right.20348W, 5-5:50Downs, Alan
Goal SettingIt can be hard to stay focused and plan ahead, especially if you're not sure what you're planning for. On the other hand, you may know exactly what you want out of life, but are just not sure how to get there. Managing time, money and adjusting to a new lifestyle may also make attaining your goals appear impossible. This course will introduce methods and techniques for goal setting and achievement. The course is taught by a certified athletic trainer who has spent years working with athletes and their process of return to play after injury. Specific approaches are used to maintain focus and ambition along the journey to return to competition, and these same techniques can be applied to your goals, big and small.20337M & W, 11:15-12:05Mutchler, Jessica
Math Goes to HollywoodMath in the movies and television can be informative, interesting, humorous, and integral to the plot. We will examine many instances of math in Hollywood, such as in Cast AwayNumb3rsDie Hard with a VengeanceThe Wizard of Oz, and October Sky. We will then study the intricacies behind these concepts.20336M & W, 10:10-11Lee, Bridgett
Money 101: Personal Finance for College StudentsThis course will cover the basic of personal finance for college students including budgeting, saving, paying of debt and planning for the future. The David Ramsey curriculum will be infused with several other approaches to financial planning. Students will develop strategies to handle their money through their academic career and become knowledgeable about future financial decisions after graduation.20346T & Th, 9:30-10:20Melton, Bridget
Racism in American InstitutionsIn this course, students will engage in an in-depth investigation of racism in America. The class will seek to challenge conventional norms, beliefs, and values. Also, students will work to examine and deeply interrogate the frameworks from which they operate. *Do not register unless you welcome that which is challenging. Discomfort can arise from dealing with polarizing social issues.*

20347T, 5-5:50Baugh, Michael
Sports in FilmThis course will look at the impact that sports has on film and on our daily lives. We will look not only at themes in iconic sports films but also lesser known movies. Students will be able to discuss how these films can be inspirational and motivating.20338M & W, 12:20-1:10Patterson, Steve
Student Care & Self Care This course focuses on helping students develop strategies for dealing with time management, anxiety, and other times when burnout strikes and jeopardizes your well-being both as a person and as a student. We will combine traditional self-care strategies like mindfulness and journaling with student skills like planning, organization, and navigating the academic world.20340M & W, 4-4:50Moody, Brandi
Truth & Lies in MediaIn this course we'll look closely at online media - articles, pictures, videos, and more - to discover how we can judge the different between accurate and misleading information. You'll learn how to spot fake news and become a savvy information wizard. We'll also look at how social media shapes our relationships with each other and the world. 20344T & Th, 2-2:50Ingalsbe, Natalie
U.S. Foreign PolicyUnited States has been the most powerful country in the world since WWII, and has dominated the world politically, culturally and economically. This role has not been without resistance and controversy. Today, President Trump has proclaimed "America First" principle in US foreign policy, and one wonders what precisely it means. This course will examine different ways of conducting and evaluating US foreign policy. We will look at broad, different, competing logics of US foreign policy and evaluate their meaning in the world.20335M & W, 1:25-2:15Lubecki, Jacek
Welcome to Hogwarts: Studying Harry PotterIn this course, students will explore the cultural phenomenon of Harry Potter and examine the influence of the Harry Potter films and texts on popular culture. We will discuss the ways in which the world of Harry Potter connects to and differs from our own Muggle existence.20339M & W, 2:30-3:20Williams, Leigh Ann

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