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Seminar Themes, Spring 2016

During SOAR, all first-year students enroll in a First-Year Seminar (FYE 1220). The course is mandatory in students’ first semester.  In this course, you’ll learn information literacy and other research skills by investigating a theme of your choosing.

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Read through the themes below in order to complete your ranking worksheet. Click the column headings to sort by that column.  You can also search by keyword using the search box at the top right of the table.  “College” in this table refers to the college of the primary faculty member teaching the course.  Please note, though: you are not limited to a course taught by a faculty member from the college in which your major is located. You’ll learn more about your college at SOAR.

College Abbreviations (click to expand)
CEIT = College of Engineering and Information Technology
CHHS = College of Health and Human Sciences
CLASS = College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
COBA = College of Business Administration
COE = College of Education
COSM = College of Science and Mathematics
Other Faculty = faculty in other colleges, the Henderson Library, or university administration
Seminar Ranking Worksheet: Complete before SOAR!

Before your advisor will release you to register, he or she will ask to see your theme ranking worksheet.  In order to not delay your registration process, complete this form and bring it with you to your advisement session at SOAR: .doc format.pdf format

Please note: bring this completed form to SOAR. You do not need to send this form to Georgia Southern in advance.

Horror CinemaHow did we get from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960) to James Wan's Saw (2004)? from George Romero's Night of the Living Dead (1968) to Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later (2002)? This course explores influential films in the horror genre and examines the cinematic, cultural, and historical reasons for their mainstream appeal.01F15490OnlineKluge, Stacy & Louise FechterOther Faculty
Online LearningOnline learning is a part of the fabric of higher education, and is a vital tool for training and content delivery in the world of work.  This course will examine some of the differences, advantages and disadvantages, as we further develop skills and strategies to insure your success as an online learner and as a member of the workforce.  Specific skills and methods for online learners, non-traditional learners, and returning students are featured.  Prepare now to have the advantage when academic and career opportunities arise. 02F16732OnlinePowell, WilliamCLASS
Bazinga! Sheldon & ScienceWhile observing portions of the hit show The Big Bang Theory, we will analyze scenes for their science content and accuracy using engaging methods. More specifically we will read, evaluate, and discuss relevant articles (possible topics: string theory, the international space station, CERN, etc.); practice current scientific writing skills; discuss and develop fundamental science concepts; and explore the mathematical features of Google, Microsoft Word and Excel. You will gain practical skills that enable you to observe science in everyday experiences. By the end of the course you should be able to say, “Science is hard? Bazinga!"A15072TR, 9:30-10:20August, AshleyCOSM
Cartoons and CollegeCartoons aren’t just for kids anymore. From Spongebob to The Simpsons to South Park, cartoons are an ever present part of American culture. We will discuss how this media form creates and communicates stories, and how these stories often reflect and critique our contemporary culture. We will discover just how much more there is to cartoons than colorful visuals and easy to digest storylines. How do cartoons teach their audience? Why do they choose the messages they do? Who are these messages for, and why are they needed? Over the course of the term, we will discuss the wide variety of answers to these questions, and we will experiment with building our own messages for our own audiences. B15073W, 4-5:15 & M, 4-4:50 thru 3/7Schumacher, Amanda & Kimberlee YontzCLASS
ChangeThis course will confront issues of change in stories by contemporary writer Andre Dubus. We will consider how various characters react to catastrophic events in their lives. These discussions will prompt research topics based on your individual interests. As a class, we will learn to gather, evaluate, and use secondary sources. We will focus on improving your close reading skills, and you will learn techniques for writing successful research papers.C15074M, 2:30-3:45 & W, 2:30-3:20 thru 3/2Edenfield, Olivia & Christy CurleyCLASS
Couch to 50K: A Beginner's Guide to Winning the Career RaceNot sure where to start when it comes to choosing a major and deciding on a future career?  This seminar is designed to help students identify their interests and skills in order to help train them to meet their future career goals. This class will also provide a variety of exercises and resources to build a strong resume, prepare for job interviews, follow the pace of the 4-year career plan and ultimately win at finding a successful career!D15077TR, 5-5:50Pollett, JasonOther Faculty
Foundations of Personal FinanceThis course will use the Dave Ramsey's college curriculum to help students save, budget, avoid debt and plan for the future. Students will also develop researching skills that can be applied to a wide variety topics.E15078MW, 10:10-11Melton, BridgetCHHS
From Combat to the ClassroomThis FYE 1220 section is designed for veterans, military service members, family members of military service personal, ROTC cadets or anyone who cares about veteran’s issues. Together we will explore cultural and social influences that may impact veterans as they transition from active duty into higher education as well as current military service members who are still serving. We will assess potential barriers to veteran success as well as resources here on campus that can assist in successful integration. Along with campus resources, this course is intended to assist in building and expanding the student’s social support network with other students in this course. This course is taught by a veteran and is designed to be interactive to allow veterans to draw upon their experiences to assist in planning their collegiate experience.F15079TR, 3:30-4:20Jordan, ErinCHHS
Good GriefWhether you have been the outsider or the insider when it comes to death and loss, we have much to teach each other on this much avoided but extremely essential topic. From the maturational losses experienced by every college freshmen to the disenfranchised losses experienced by others throughout their lives, this class brings it all to the forefront, with feelings of awkwardness to feelings of normalcy, and unique bonds that are sure to stick.G15080MW, 12:20-1:10Johnson, AbbyCLASS
Post-Apocalyptic Living in Popular CultureBe it plague, asteroids, or aliens, war or divine wrath, as a culture we have long been obsessed with how our collective story will end.  Flip the channel from AMC’s The Walking Dead to Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time.  Scan the shelves of a bookstore.  From best-selling young adult series to Pulitzer Prize winners, the post-apocalypse is in fashion.  Why are we so obsessed with the end of society as we know it, and what do these end-of-the-world scenarios reveal about us today? H15081T, 12:30-1:45 & R, 12:30-1:20 thru 3/3Douberly, Julie & Brittney SummervilleCLASS
Racism in AmericaThis course will take an intense and in-depth look at a divisive topic. This course will seek to explore the complexity of the racial landscape and address heavy and complex concepts which saturate the social realm. Be prepared to have your views reinforced, challenged, reexamined, or even uprooted. I15082MW, 11:15-12:05Baugh, MichaelOther Faculty
Sport ScienceThis seminar is designed to provide an overview of sports science. Emphasis is placed on the exercise sciences (including anatomy and exercise physiology), nutrition, exercise technique, program design, organization and administration, and testing and evaluation.J15083MW, 5:30-6:20Rossi, StephenCHHS
The Eagle CommunityThis course will introduce you to Georgia Southern’s and Statesboro’s communities. We will discuss Georgia Southern’s history and traditions. A large focus will be on resources for student success at Georgia Southern. During the latter part of the semester, information will be provided on opportunities for students to become involved in Statesboro’s community.K15084MW, 1:25-2:15Duggar, TheresaCOE
The Naked RoommateThis course will introduce freshmen into the amazing world of college and what to expect. We will discuss the good, the bad, the ugly and the exciting things that will happen in between. This class is designed to help freshmen understand what to expect during their first year of their college career.L15085TR, 11-11:50Buck, LaurenOther Faculty
The Value of Athletics in Higher EducationThis course will explore the relationship between college athletics and the mission of higher education, specifically the perceived value associated with varsity athletics on a college campus. Topics of discussion will include the cost of higher education, the value of higher education and how college athletics may affect those areas.M15086TR, 2-2:50Roughton, KeithOther Faculty

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