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First-Year Seminar Themes Online, Spring 2019

Georgia Southern students rank First-Year Seminar themes that they would be interested in taking before attending SOAR. By ranking in advance, students are able to make an intentional decision about the course that they take. Ranking also speeds up the registration process significantly. To do so, complete this worksheet and bring it with you to SOAR. Please note: do not send the ranking worksheet to Georgia Southern in advance.

Themes that are part of a learning community are noted by a course listed in the “linked course” column. These courses are both taught by the same professor, and students must take them together. Make a note of both CRNs if a learning community interests you.

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ThemeDescriptionCRNDays and TimesProfessor
Exploring CancerCancer is a condition of unregulated division of cells. There are more than hundred types of cancer, whose symptoms and treatments depend on the type. In this course, students will chose a particular type of cancer and will explore its causes and symptoms, diagnosis and prognosis as well as the treatments through information literacy.OnlineMehta, Aakash
Fitness & Nutrition: Engaging in Change!Gear Up and get ready to modify your nutrition and fitness behaviors this semester! In this course we will research and examine your current health behaviors and start a new way of approaching your health and fitness outcomes. We will look at current trends in nutrition and research the best solutions to being the healthiest we can be. At the end of this course you will have completed a fitness assessment, dietary analysis plan, engaged in a behavior change, researched best practices in nutrition and fitness, and collected resources that will help you continue your health journey beyond the classroom!OnlineKuykendall, Julie
Marvel Characters & LifeGraduates in all fields face many challenges in today's world that require the ability to think and engage on multiple levels and with a diverse group of individuals. Through a thematic seminar design using some of your favorite influential Marvel characters will help to promote information literacy skills, critical thinking skills and supports students cognitive and affective transitions into the campus community.OnlineReefer, Laura & Kandi Cooper
Media & YouHow do you use media? Which types of media do you use? Which types of media are imperative that you know how to use? We live in a society that is inundated with opportunities to gain instant access to massive amounts of information. This course explores the uses of media and the impact that media have on individuals, society, and culture. Students will be challenged to critically analyze and evaluate media content to which they are exposed every day.OnlineStone, Melanie
Online LearningOnline learning is a part of the fabric of higher education and is a vital tool for training and content delivery in the world of work. This course will examine some of the differences, advantages and disadvantages, as we further develop skills and strategies to insure your success as an online learner and as a member of the workforce. Specific skills and methods for online learners, non-traditional learners, and returning students are featured. Prepare now to have the advantage when academic and career opportunities arise.OnlinePowell, William

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