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First-Year Seminar Themes at Liberty, Spring 2019

Georgia Southern students rank First-Year Seminar themes that they would be interested in taking before attending SOAR. By ranking in advance, students are able to make an intentional decision about the course that they take. Ranking also speeds up the registration process significantly. To do so, complete this worksheet and bring it with you to SOAR. Please note: do not send the ranking worksheet to Georgia Southern in advance.

Themes that are part of a learning community are noted by a course listed in the “linked course” column. These courses are both taught by the same professor, and students must take them together. Make a note of both CRNs if a learning community interests you.

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ThemeDescriptionCRNDays and TimesProfessor
KAPOW! Superman vs. Batman and the Complexity of American MythologiesThis course will examine the ways popular culture empowers individuals to become critical participants. Popular culture influences how we think, feel, vote, and live our lives. This interdisciplinary course will introduce students to the study of U.S. popular culture. Through an intersectional and intertextual investigation of comic books, film, popular music, advertisement, and social media memes, we will explore how representation both reflect and produce socio-cultural phenomena. Throughout this course, we will consider the mythologies and folklore embedded in the narratives, historical context, and science concepts presented in the texts.T & Th 11-11:50Lejeune, Danelle
Politics for Change AgentsIn this new era of change, this course will examine the use of politics and social movements as the tools of choice for this generation's change agents. The course will also examine the role of social media and its ability to galvanize the masses.Th, 6-7:40McCollar, Jonathan

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