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First-Year Seminar Themes at Armstrong, Spring 2019

Georgia Southern students rank First-Year Seminar themes that they would be interested in taking before attending SOAR. By ranking in advance, students are able to make an intentional decision about the course that they take. Ranking also speeds up the registration process significantly. To do so, complete this worksheet and bring it with you to SOAR. Please note: do not send the ranking worksheet to Georgia Southern in advance.

Themes that are part of a learning community are noted by a course listed in the “linked course” column. These courses are both taught by the same professor, and students must take them together. Make a note of both CRNs if a learning community interests you.

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ThemeDescriptionCRNDays and TimesProfessor 
Building Leadership SkillsAre you a born leader? Do you want to be a leader? This course will explore the different qualities and traits to being a successful leader, research the various methods used by successful leaders and the core values a successful leader holds. We will also be reviewing milestones and the steps to achieving your goals.20356T, 5-6:40Kerner, Patrice
Good GriefWhether you have been the outsider or the insider when it comes to death and loss, we have a lot to teach each other on this much avoided but extremely essential topic. From the maturational losses experienced by every college freshmen to the disenfranchised losses experienced by others throughout our lives, this class brings it all to the forefront, with feelings of awkwardness to feelings of normalcy, and unique bonds that are sure to stick.20349M & W, 1:25-2:15Johnson, Abby
Is your Intuition Reality? Exploring Assumptions in SportsThe focus of the seminar is to practice evaluating and understanding the large quantity of information available to us through the lens of sports.  The primary text for the class will be  Moneyball  by Michael Lewis and the final project will involve collecting data to explore commonly held assumptions in sports.  20355T & Th, 8-850Brown, Tricia
Leadership in the 21st CenturyOur nation calls on each one of us to be a leader. But how can we be a leader in the current political climate of disarray and disorder? What qualities will be fundamental to succeed in the twenty-first century? This course provides some of the tools for leadership in the 21st century. 20350M & W, 10:10-11da Cruz, Jose de Arimateia
Psychology and Video Games In this course, we will explore the connection between psychology and video games/gaming (e.g., game development, play and players, marketing). Students will complete a course project exploring the psychology-video game relationship in order to build information literacy skills (e.g., asking questions; finding/evaluating information). Students will also engage with the campus community to identify resources and opportunities to help maximize their academic success and Georgia Southern student experience.20351M & W, 12:20-1:10Smith, Joshua
Religiously Motivated Violence in Global PerspectiveThe general focus of this course is upon violence exercised by humans through the agency of religiosity with a particular emphasis upon ritual killing in the form of human sacrifice. Warfare in the Abrahamic Faith traditions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) will be addressed as well, examining such issues as the Crusades and early Islamic beliefs about Jihad.20354T & Th, 12:30-1:20Tatlock, Jason
Teaching and Popular Culture The course is designed to explore how teachers and the teaching profession are presented in media through film, memes, and news articles. Students will reflect on implications of the public perspective of teachers in relation to their own experiences with education, both past and in the future. 20352M & W, 4-4:50Smith, Janel
The Politics of Pop CultureWhat do Marvel movies have to do with #metoo? What does Call of Duty have to do with President Trump? If "politics is downstream from culture," as the saying goes, popular media shapes our political attitudes and even our understanding of social policy. By using university resources to enhance our research, let's analyze our favorite media to understand the most important political debates of our time.
20353T & Th, 11-11:50Cartright, Chris

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