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All first-year students new to the university take a First-Year Seminar in their first semester at Georgia Southern. FYE 1220 teaches students information literacy and research skills that are necessary for success in college. The course also engages students with their major (or potential major) and other resources on campus that can help them reach their goals for college and beyond.

Faculty create courses designed around a theme, and the research component of the course is based on it. By being intentional in the selection of a theme, students will explore a topic that interests them and meet other students who share that interest. Some sections of FYE 1220 are part of a learning community in which students also take another course taught by the same professor.

To prepare for SOAR and in order not to delay the registration process, students must rank several themes that they would be interested in taking before attending SOAR. FYE 1220 courses are kept small because it is a seminar where discussion is a key component. The spaces in individual courses are spread out over all the SOAR sessions so that students have roughly the same chance of getting in a specific course no matter which SOAR they attend. This means that there are usually only a few spaces available in each SOAR.  By ranking in advance, students are able to quickly identify a section that works for them.

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