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Philosophy of Advisement

Philosophy of Undeclared/Exploratory Advisement

Entering college without a declared major is very common and developmentally appropriate for students beginning their college careers, and with over 75 undergraduate degree programs in eight colleges, Georgia Southern is a great place to be undeclared/exploratory. In addition to majors common to many comprehensive universities, Georgia Southern offers many distinctive programs, some unique in the state of Georgia.

But being undeclared or exploratory is not simply a status in which to “camp out” while taking core curriculum courses. Students must actively explore majors from the very beginning of their time at the University, and the advisement staff are dedicated to assisting students as they do this. In order to make timely progress toward their eventual degree programs, students should plan to declare a major by the end of their first year at Georgia Southern.

Students meet with an advisor at least once every semester prior to registering for the upcoming term, and they may meet more frequently depending on their individual circumstances. Students should expect to actively engage in advisement session, to come prepared to ask and answer questions about their goals and plans. In addition to course selection and sequencing and major exploration, the advisement staff also teaches students about time management, goal setting and success strategies, and makes referrals to tutoring and other university resources. The guidance provided in these areas connects students to the University and helps them excel academically and eventually graduate.

Last updated: 1/3/2020

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