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About Conversations with Professors

Conversations with Professors (CwP) is a 75-minute program the day before classes begin, designed to promote a conversation between a faculty member and a group of students in his or her college about how to get off to a successful start during the first week of classes. It is an opportunity for faculty members to help new students understand their roles as student learners and to express faculty expectations for student engagement. In 2019, the main CwP session is Sunday, August 18, from 3:30-4:45. FYE also hosts a smaller CwP session in Term B on Sunday, June 23 from 3:30-4:45 (mainly for students in the Eagle Success program).

Conversations Assistant (CA) Overview
Each class has a Conversations Assistant (CA), who is either selected by the faculty member leading the session or matched by FYE. The CA’s presence in the session is meant to model the types of productive relationships faculty and students should develop. For the faculty overview to CwP, click here.
Conversations Assistant Responsibilities
  • Assist with the academic welcome for students brand-new to the college classroom
  • Share past first-year experiences to prepare students for the first week of classes
  • Assist students in finding their CwP session (CAs arrive 30-45 minutes early, stand by entrances with building rosters, and direct students accordingly)
  • Complete administrative tasks requested from the faculty member
  • Discuss and model positive faculty/student relationships
  • Answer student questions
Conversations Assistant Expectations
  • Contact the faculty member to whom the CA is assigned well in advance to discuss the CA’s role during CwP
  • Use positive peer influence to promote a healthy, supportive, and respectful educational environment
  • Demonstrate appropriate behaviors inside and outside of the classroom
  • Put aside racial, sexual, and personal bias in order to meet first-year student needs
What’s in it for Me?
Conversations Assistants receive volunteer hours for their participation in the event. More importantly, they gain leadership experience and often develop a relationship with a faculty member that can result in a strong letter of reference.
2019 Application Process
Conversations Assistant applicants submit an application through the links above. The screening deadline is May 12, 2019. Once all spots for 2019 are filled, all applicants will be notified.  This notification typically occurs in late June.

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