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PES induction 2015

Phi Eta Sigma has active chapters both in Statesboro and at Armstrong/Liberty. This page is for the Statesboro chapter. Stay tuned for information about Armstrong and Liberty!

Received an invitation to join the Statesboro chapter? Click here for instructions.

Statesboro chapter of Phi Eta Sigma is the sole recipient of Capstone award at 2018 national convention

General Information

Phi Eta Sigma is the oldest national honor society for first-year college students in the United States. Visit the national website here. In order to be offered membership, students must earn a minimum 3.6 GPA after the fall semester of their first year as a college student.

Our goal is to recognize and promote academic and service excellence among first-year students. The oldest and largest freshmen honor society, Phi Eta Sigma was founded at the University of Illinois on March 22, 1923. We now have more than 350 chapters throughout the United States and more than 1,000,000 members. Because of the increasing performance of Georgia Southern students overall, the criteria for invitation to membership increased to a 3.6 GPA for first-year students, enrolled full time beginning in Fall 2008.

Georgia Southern marked its 28th year as an active chapter on October 19, 2019.

Members who chose to be active in the Phi Eta Sigma student organization work in conjunction with FYE to promote the first-year experience on campus (such as with Conversations with Professors) and are involved with community service activities in the Statesboro area.


The Georgia Southern chapter of Phi Eta Sigma extends offers to join in December to students who 1) begin at Georgia Southern as new college students the spring, summer or fall of that calendar year; 2) take at least 12 hours in the fall; and, 3) have earned a cumulative Georgia Southern GPA of 3.6 or higher. The chapter sends letters to students’ permanent home address as well as via email. If you have not received communication about joining by the beginning of spring classes and believe you should have, contact faculty advisor Dr. Chris Caplinger at

Local Scholarships

2020 Scholarship Instructions and Application
Deadline: February 28, 2020

This academic year, Phi Eta Sigma will offer three (3) $300 scholarships to members of the local chapter. In order to be considered, a student must have been inducted for a full semester (those who will be inducted on February 9, 2020, will not be eligible until next academic year). The three award winners will be eligible to be forwarded to the national scholarship competition, where awards range from $1000 to $10,000 (in order to be eligible for the national competition, applicants must be enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student for the following academic year).

Congratulations to 2019 winners Manisha Dhanani, Dejah Jones and Alyssa Morgan!

National Scholarships

Active Georgia Southern Phi Eta Sigma members have been very successful in the organization’s national scholarship competition over the past decade. The chapter advisor with the assistance of a committee, screens the applications to put the strongest candidates forward each year. The pool of nominees typically comes from members who apply for local scholarships. Nomination packets are typically due March 1 and often require a significant amount of revision. The number of nominees we can put forward is determined by the size of the previous year’s initiation class. Georgia Southern has nominated three students for the past several years. The winners since 2006 are:

    • 2019: Michaela Mahekeya ($5000); Manisha Dhanani ($5000); Dajah Jones ($1000)
    • 2018: Ashley Archer ($7000, Graduate Scholarship); Elizabeth Hartley ($5000); Emily Coates ($1000); Elizabeth Lennon ($1000)
    • 2017: Reid Loveless ($5000); Sharmita Saha Porshia ($5000); Ashley Archer ($1000)
    • 2016: Candace Moon ($6000)
    • 2015: Ashleigh Rasheed ($6000)
    • 2014: Melissa Royal ($6000); Keenya Riggins ($1000)
    • 2013: Victoria Burnett ($6000); Melissa Royal ($1000)
    • 2012: Hayley Johnson ($6000)
    • 2011: Sarah Moore ($6000); Genevieve Lyke ($1000)
    • 2010: Jessica Spaleta ($6000)
    • 2009: Allison Beasley ($1000)
    • 2008: Zachary Damon ($1000)
    • 2007: Larry Cloud ($1000); Mallori Hecht ($1000)
    • 2006: Ashley Reed ($1000)
2019-20 Officers
President: Michaela Mahekeya
Vice-President: Dajah Jones
Secretary: Lauryn Pruitt
Treasurer: Tyrian Jilles
Social Coordinators: Malainha McKinney and Maria Vilar
Community Service Coordinators: Jennifer Iwenofu and Gloria Caleb

Mission, Constitution and By-Laws

For questions about the organization, contact one of the officers or faculty advisor, Dr. Chris Caplinger (

Photo: New members (r-l) Kayleigh Rockett, Lauren Riggs, Reagan Foster and Brooke Fries following the 2015 induction

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