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Academic Advising

Academic advising creates a collaborative mentoring relationship between advisor and student to ensure students are provided with the resources and support services needed to achieve academic excellence and success beyond graduation.

Academic advising at Georgia Southern will
1) Assist students in developing academic plans;
2) Educate students on University Academic policies;
3) Direct students to the appropriate University support services.

Academic Advisement Centers

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is committed to furthering the mission of Georgia Southern University by providing a student-centered facility dedicated to promoting academic success among all students. The ASC offers tutoring, workshops, one-on-one consultations with educational specialists, and testing services.

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Information Technology Services

In the Division of Information Technology Services (ITS), we serve, support and maintain the robust, modern technology environment for the Georgia Southern University community. We’re a skilled team of technology professionals who are intensely focused on meeting the technology needs of students on our Statesboro, Armstrong, and Liberty campuses. We invite students to take advantage of the many services we provide including:

MyTech Support

MyTech support, our centralized service desk, operates as a hub for technology information and assistance for Georgia Southern Statesboro, Armstrong and Liberty campuses, providing multi-level support via phone, email, or ticketing system for issues like locks, password resets, and connection issues. Contact us.


Students can also get hands-on, personal service and support in one of our TechHub locations on the Statesboro, Armstrong, or Liberty campuses. With convenient locations and friendly, knowledgeable staff, we’re confident that we can help meet your technology needs. No appointment needed! Visit us today for help with connecting to Wifi, password resets, virus scans, and much more! Contact us.

Free Software & Services

ITS provides free software downloads, including Office 365, NVivo, Endnote, and much more. We also offer free printing for all students, from anywhere with our MyPrint student printing solution. View the Student Quick Start Guide for our complete list of services and top tech tips.

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 The University Libraries support Georgia Southern University’s mission by providing access to information, collections, and services designed to meet the scholarly needs of the University and its diverse community. The Libraries advance independent lifelong learning, information literacy, intellectual and creative discovery, and student success. We foster a welcoming and innovative learning environment, both physically and virtually, for research, collaboration, and preservation of resources.

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Quality Enhancement Plan Student Writing Fellows

Georgia Southern’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) aims to enhance the culture of writing and critical thinking across the University, graduate students with strong writing skills that transfer to the workplace and beyond, and link students and faculty with the resources they need to ensure writing excellence. To best help students achieve these goals, Student Writing Fellows were put in place. Read more about the QEP and how you can connect with Student Writing Fellows in the links below.
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Student Accessibility Resource Center

The mission of the Student Accessibility Resource Center (SARC) is to ensure that all qualified students with disabilities receive equal access to educational opportunities at Georgia Southern University. Students who have a condition (temporary or permanent) that may affect their participation in academic or daily activities on campus are encouraged to meet with one of our Disability Service Providers. Our office coordinates all services for students with disabilities – services are tailored to each individual student based on identified needs.

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Writing Center

The Writing Center at Georgia Southern University gives students the opportunity for individualized feedback on their writing from experienced writers and teachers of writing. In the writing center, students from any course and at any stage of the writing process can sign up for half-hour or hour-long conferences and receive advice on improving their drafts. The Center is a part of the Department of Writing and Linguistics and is staffed by graduate and undergraduate peer tutors.

Though Writing Center consultants will not proofread papers (find all the grammar and/or punctuation problems and correct them for students), they will make suggestions, work on organization and development, point students to useful resources, and help students to identify and fix grammar/punctuation problems on their own.

The University Writing Center also has its own computer lab, open to all Georgia Southern students who are working on course projects, doing research, or checking email between classes. Students can create web pages, view course materials with Folio, and write/print papers. Writing center consultants can assist with Web searches, document formatting, and online research as well as other aspects of the writing process in the lab.

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Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Unit promotes “student growth and life success” through advocacy, communication, and education. The Unit includes the Office of Student Conduct. The Dean of Students Office advocates for students and serves as a liaison between students, faculty, and staff through resources such as faculty notifications, withdrawals, and student complaints. The Dean of Students Office also works with the Student Government Association and is responsible for sending official communications from the University to students.

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Financial Aid

The Department of Financial Aid is available to assist with the removal of financial barriers to student enrollment and retention at Georgia Southern University. We seek to assure that any qualified student, who desires to pursue and complete an education at this university, can obtain appropriate resources to do so.

The Financial Aid Office seeks to provide financial aid services which are accessible, sensitive to individual student needs, and effective in enabling students to bridge the gap between family resources and educational expenses. The delivery of services and financial aid awards will be characterized by timeliness, accuracy, and clarity, and will be accomplished through the simplest procedures consistent with fiscal responsibility and governmental and university regulations. The Financial Aid Office is committed to provide student borrowers with loan counseling and information about loan indebtedness and repayment responsibilities. In responding to the diverse and changing needs of the university community, a spirit of cooperation and an approach which is flexible, equitable, innovative, and broad will be maintained.

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Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is a unit of the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. Twenty-seven full-time staff and many student employees are available to help with questions related to registration, graduation and grades.

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Student Conduct

Welcome from the Office of Student Conduct here at Georgia Southern University. Our role is to educate students, faculty and staff about the rights and responsibilities of our students according to the Code of Student Conduct. One aspect of our mission is “to uphold the academic and behavioral standards of the University by adjudicating violations of the Student Conduct Code in a fair and consistent manner, treating each student with dignity and respect.”

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University Housing

University Housing is pleased to host 5,000 students in eight residence halls. We house all 3,500 first year students as research show that living on campus your first year assist with the transition to college. Through programs, well-kept facilities, and a trained and committed Residence Education Staff, students are encouraged to be involved in campus life and activities, to use academic support resources on campus, and to engage in the life of the college. We strive to deliver exceptional service and great value in a caring and professional manner. We are committed to creating an environment that fosters academic success.

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Campus Recreation & Intramurals

As a department, our purpose is to provide growth opportunities and educational experiences that will enhance the quality of life and maximize the learning potential of each student. Through the provision of high quality, safe, and enriching programs and facilities in FitnessAquatics, Southern AdventuresIntramural Sports, Club Sports,  Golf, and Wellness; we strive to promote and develop healthy life-style choices that will contribute positively to the overall wellness of the students, faculty, and staff at Georgia Southern.

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Georgia Southern Museum

The Georgia Southern University Museum preserves and interprets the natural and cultural history of Georgia’s Coastal Plain. The Hall of Natural History showcases a paleontological collection of national significance, including a 28-foot, 78 million year old mosasaur skeleton, and the only specimen of the 40 million year old whale, Georgiacetus vogtlensis, the most significant fossil find in Georgia. Changing exhibits are opened annually, presenting broader themes in areas of faculty research and university interests.

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Leadership & Community Engagement

Take your degree to exciting heights as you grow your leadership potential through the Southern Leaders program, LEAD Courses, Alternative Break experiences, and a wide variety of other Community Engagement Opportunities.

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Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities would like to personally invite you to make the most out of your college experience! We would like for you to connect to the Georgia Southern community through engaging in the variety of involvement opportunities we have to offer. Whether it is by joining a student organization, attending a major event on campus, or serving on University Programming Board, we hope that you will:
• Learn more about your sense of identity through self-discovery
• Increase your ability to work with others and within groups
• Gain valuable skills and personal competencies through leadership
• Build, foster, and invest in inclusive environments with those different from yourself
• Connect to Georgia Southern University through involvement

Our goal is to guide you through a journey during your time on campus that will complement your classroom learning by giving you hands-on experience to apply your education. Getting involved will help you build personal and professional relationships that will positively challenge your thoughts, behavior, and character. These are only a few of the benefits of involvement!

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Student Employment Center

The Student Employment Center (SEC) is your resource for Georgia Southern University students seeking part-time employment opportunities. The SEC advertises part-time employment opportunities for students seeking to work on or off campus. The SEC hosts student-centered events which focus on advancing its mission and providing students with the necessary skills to compete for part-time employment opportunities. The SEC strives to provide students with the opportunity to gain experience, explore career options, and fund their education.

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Student Government Association

Student Government Association is the official voice of the student body at Georgia Southern University. SGA empowers students through education, works to recognize issues, and implements solutions to better current and future students experiences at Georgia Southern University.

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Student Media

In the Office of Student Media, students run The George-Anne newspaper, the Reflector lifestyle magazine, the Miscellany literary magazine, other specialty magazines and digital media projects. Students also oversee distribution, advertising sales and marketing, in addition to making all news content decisions.  The director of student media, who is an experienced professional, offers news content advice and works to ensure business goals are met.

Any student from any academic major may apply to work in Student Media; no experience is required. Open recruiting is conducted early in each semester. Successful applicants then go through a training program.

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Campus Recreation & Intramurals

Campus Recreation & Intramurals (CRI) provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities to the Georgia Southern community. Through our eight program areas including Aquatics, Club Sports, Fitness, Golf, Intramural Sports, RAC Facilities, Southern Adventures and University Wellness – there is something for everyone!

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Counseling Center

The Counseling Center at Georgia Southern University is where students can go to participate in programs and receive services designed to help them handle day-to-day challenges and encourage their personal growth and development. The Counseling Center is staffed by doctoral-level psychologists and master’s-level counselors who provide services on an individual and group basis at no additional cost to those enrolled as full-time, matriculated students at Georgia Southern. The Counseling Center is located on Forest Drive between Health Services and the Forest Drive Classroom building. Our normal business hours are Monday – Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Counseling sessions are scheduled by appointment. To make an appointment, you may visit the Counseling Center in person or call us at 912-478-5541.

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Health Services

In addition to the quality medical services provided to Georgia Southern University students, Health Services offers Eagle Online Student Health, a secure online communication tool available through students’ MyGeorgiaSouthern webpage that makes access to health care at the University Health Service easier and convenient for our students, including making appointments on a 24/7 basis. Also, students may utilize an after-hour and weekend Nurse Call Service available through the main Health Services phone number 912-478-5641, where students can find local health care information in the Statesboro area and have the opportunity to discuss health issues with a professional registered nurse or nurse practitioner.

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University Wellness Program

The University Wellness Program is focused upon enhancing personal well-being of Georgia Southern students. Our programs operate on a multi-dimensional model of wellness including emotional, environmental, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual wellness. We lead the programming for Alcohol, Mental Health and Sexual Assault. We also advise a student organization, the Wellness Ambassadors. This is a group of certified Peer Educators that work to promote and support student well-being. Examples of our programs include Student Health 101, blood drives, Worry-free Wednesdays, Wellness Week, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Empty Bowl Project, LiveWell Fair, World Aids Day, Campus Farmer’s Markets, and No Impact Week.

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Hispanic-Latino Student Support and Services

Hispanic-Latino students have access to all student resources and support services at Georgia Southern. If you would like to speak one-on-one with a mentor or advisor, please consider reaching out to one of the follow faculty/staff members. You may also look into the student organization ALAS (Association of Latino American Students).

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Multicultural Student Programs and Services

Minority Advisement Program (MAP)
The MAP Program is a mentor program of the Office of Multicultural Affairs.  MAP is a unique college mentoring/success program for minority incoming students (a.k.a. MAPees) that match freshmen and transfer students with upperclassmen (MAP Sponsors) to assist with their acclimation to college life.

Diversity Peer Educator Program (DPE)
The Diversity Peer Educator (DPE) Programs mission is to promote greater cultural understanding, awareness and respect for all students. Through educational programs and campus outreach, DPEs strive to enhance students’ comprehensive knowledge of diversity, inclusion and social justice issues to maintain a positive, supportive, and inclusive environment.

Cultural/Heritage Month Celebrations
The Office of Multicultural Affiars collaborates with students and faculty to celebrate the cultural diversity of the campus through events and programs during the following awareness months: Hispanic Heritage, Disability Awareness, LGBTQ, Native American, Black History, Women’s History and Asian Awareness. These programs encourage a greater understanding of different cultures, religions, and ethnicities.

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TRIO: Student Support Services

The SSS program provides comprehensive services to first-generation students, low-income students, and students with disabilities. The primary goal of SSS is to help transition, retain, and graduate students at Georgia Southern. Through our services, we provide opportunities for academic development, assist with college requirements, and serve to motivate students toward the successful completion of their undergraduate degree program. The SSS program offers participants the following services: individualized academic advising, priority tutoring, financial aid assistance, financial literacy counseling, career exploration opportunities, graduate/professional school admission assistance, cultural enrichment experiences, and mentoring.

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