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Global Citizens

FYE 1410: Global Citizens is a core curriculum course first-year students take in their second semester. Unlike FYE 1220, Global Citizens is not an orientation course.  Students learn about factors that contribute to their cultural perspective, apply multiple cultural perspectives to global issues, and then use this knowledge by engaging with local issues. For a full course description, click here.

Is Global Citizens required?

For almost all students, yes.  FYE 1410 is required in Area B (“Global Engagement”) of the core curriculum for all students who enter in Fall 2011 or later. The exceptions are:

  • Transfer students who have met the Area B requirement at their previous institution do not take the course.  If a student earned three hours of credit toward Area B at a previous institution, taking FYE 1410 is normally the most economical way to meet the requirement; however, students can use one hour of that course toward FYE 1410 and two hours towards electives instead of applying the entire three hours to HIST 1112.  Students in this situation should speak with their advisors.
  • Students who are formally declared in an engineering transfer program will complete Area B at Georgia Tech, and therefore do not take FYE 1410 (see the Engineering Studies Programs program requirements).  Please note:  students in Georgia Southern engineering programs take the course as all other students do.

For more information, see the Core Curriculum Course Requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Why do some courses meet for two days a week and others for only one?
The courses that meet for two days a week end around the half-way point in the semester.
Online Summer Courses
Students who enter in the fall can take FYE 1410 in the subsequent summer rather than in the spring if they choose.
Can students withdraw from FYE 1410?
While we do not recommend withdrawing, students may do so.  This is different from FYE 1220, from which students may not withdraw.  Students may withdraw from courses that run the entire term just as they would any other course via WINGS.  For classes that run half-term, the withdrawal date is the day of the eighth class meeting and must be processed by 5 p.m. in the FYE office (Williams Center 1001), and not on WINGS.  For Spring 2016, the deadline is February 4 for Tuesday/Thursday classes and February 8 for Monday/Wednesday classes. For classes that meet on Thursdays for 75 minutes for the first ten weeks, the last day to withdraw is February 11.  The deadline to withdraw will be published on faculty members’ syllabi.
What is the difference between FYE 1220 and FYE 1410?
FYE 1220: First-Year Seminar FYE 1410: Global Citizens
Course Overview FYE 1220 is a two-hour seminar that serves as an academic, theme-based introduction to college-level inquiry and extends the orientation process into a student’s first semester at Georgia Southern. For the full course description and learning outcomes, click here See the header at the top of this page. For the full course description and learning outcomes, click here.
When Taken? First semester of enrollment Second semester of enrollment
Credit Hours Two-credit hours; students receive a letter grade One credit-hour; students receive a letter grade
Pre-requisite None FYE 1220/FYE 1220H; waived for transfer students needing course
Who is Exempt? Transfer students (must have attended college elsewhere after high school graduation) exempt if they enter with 30 hours or more earned Required in Area B of the core curriculum; transfer students exempt if they enter having satisfied Area B at their previous institution
Can students withdraw?
If so, how?
No. Yes.  Students taking the course for the full term may withdraw through WINGS as in any other course. Students taking classes that do not meet the entire term must process through the FYE office in Williams Center and not on WINGS; for classes that meet two days a week, the last day to withdraw is the day of the eighth class meeting at 5 p.m. (in Spring 2017, on Feb. 2 for TTh classes and Feb. 6 for MW classes).  For courses that meet 75 minutes one day a week, the last day to withdraw is the fifth class meeting (Feb. 9 in Spring 2017).


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