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FYE 1220 One-on-One Meeting Requirement

FYE 1220 faculty must meet individually with students before the end of the semester. We ask faculty to do this to show students interacting with faculty outside the classroom can help them be successful at Georgia Southern.

Types of Meetings
  • Get-to-Know-You Meeting: Scheduled at the beginning of the semester, this meeting provides an opportunity to ask students questions about where they come from and where they want to go. Talking points in this type meeting might include: (1) Tell me a little bit about your background; (2) What are your goals for why you are at Georgia Southern? (3) Why did you select this particular FYE 1220 theme? (4) What do you like to do outside of academia?
  • Assignment Feedback Meeting: Held after grades for an assignment have posted, this meeting allows faculty to make sure students know how to access and understand assignment feedback. Talking points in this type of meeting might include: (1) Show me how you access my feedback in Folio; (2) What questions do you have about the feedback you received? (3) When is our next assignment due? (4) How do you plan to use the feedback given on this assignment on future assignments in this class?
  • Academic Alert Meeting: Scheduled after you submit academic alerts for your FYE 1220 students (due September 18 for fall 2017), this meeting helps students understand the purpose and location of academic alerts. Talking points might include: (1) Show me how you access your academic alerts. (2) What does the academic alert for FYE 1220 tell you about your progress in this course? (3) Do you know the deadline for all faculty to submit academic alerts is?  For more information about academic alerts, go here.
  • Midterm Check-in Meeting: Held around or after midterms, this meeting helps faculty intervene with students who are having a difficult first semester. Talking points might include: (1) Do you know where you stand grade-wise in all your classes? (2) How’s life outside of classes? (3) Overall, how have you been adjusting to college?
  • Final Project Meeting: Scheduled before a final project due date, this meeting serves as a check-in point to make sure students understand assignment expectations. Talking points might include: (1) Tell me what you think I’m looking for in your final project submission. (2) How do you plan to manage your time in order to effectively complete this project? (3) What do you need to get on this final project in order to get the grade you want in this course? 

* Do you use an approach not listed above? Let us know about it, so we can share what you do. Email Alicia Spence at for more information.

Scheduling Meetings

FYE does allow the use of one week’s worth of class time to hold one-on-one meetings. The length of each meeting is dependent upon the type of meeting; a get-to-know you meeting, for instance, might be longer than a final project meeting.

Many faculty let students sign up for meetings using a Google Doc or Google Sheet, as it allows multiple students access to the sheet at the same time, and provides faculty an opportunity to discuss Google Drive. Regardless of how students sign up for meetings, it is helpful to students to post a final schedule of meetings to Folio or to send it out via email.

Last updated: 11/20/2017

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