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Considerations for Faculty Teaching Pairs

Normally, faculty teaching different components to the same students create separate syllabi. In some cases, we’re aware of teaching pairs planning to write a joint syllabus, which is certainly permissible. Here are some additional issues to consider when part of a teaching pair for a specific section:

  • How will you introduce the split course format to students? Given students do not typically have two faculty teaching one class, we highly recommend articulating the differences between the two components in your syllabi. Noting who the other instructor is, when students see that instructor, and what portion of the course that instructor is in charge of will help students direct questions to the appropriate person.
  • Will you have a unified attendance policy for the course as a whole (as in the EO sample above), or separate ones for each component? Please note: one faculty member should not institute a policy by which students will automatically fail after missing a certain number of classes in a specific component, unless that’s agreed to by the other faculty member.
  • The seminar will count 75 percent of the grade and the extended orientation component 25 percent. But will you use a unified point system (in which case there should be three times the number of points in the seminar as in the extended orientation component) or will you each devise your own system? Note: the class grade book in Folio is set to a weighted system. Our experience is that it is the easiest to understand for both students and faculty.
  • If either faculty member offers extra credit, can students earn more than 100% on that portion of the course? Some faculty have decided that extra credit notwithstanding, the maximum a student can earn is 100% in any given component. That’s certainly reasonable. It’s also technically difficult to administer in Folio, but can be done if the seminar faculty member computes the grades manually for an student who earns over 100% in a given component. Note: the EO template contains an extra credit option. As a default in Folio, it will be possible for students to earn more than 100%.
  • Will you attend any class meetings of the other components? We know that many pairs plan to both attend the first meeting.

Last updated: 8/2/2017

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