First-Year Experience
Georgia Southern University

Syllabus Requirements

Your syllabus should include the following:

  • Your contact information
  • Your theme description (if teaching seminar)
  • The course catalog description (which includes the statement that students cannot withdraw)
  • The student learning outcomes for FYE 1220
  • Your attendance policy, if you have one. Note: while many FYE sections incorporate an automatic fail provision into their courses to promote attendance, this is not required. What FYE recommends is that faculty employ some method to promote attendance and engagement, which might include a meaningful participation component of the grade, pop quizzes, or assignments that must be submitted in person, etc.
  • A statement about the honor code and accommodations for special needs
  • Course grade breakdown

Of course, your syllabus may include many other things as well, including a schedule of class meetings and assignments and other expectations you have for classroom decorum.

Last updated: 8/2/2017

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