First-Year Experience
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FYE 1220 Course Structure

Faculty have the option of teaching FYE 1220 as a stand-alone thematic seminar or as a seminar linked to a core curriculum course. For more information, read below.

Thematic Seminar

Faculty develop a theme that students select based on their interests. Students apply information literacy outcomes by researching the theme. Individual sections are identified by their section theme (as determined by the seminar faculty), which will appear in the course title. Seminar faculty provide a 50-125 word description of their theme which will be available to students online and during the SOAR registration process. To see a list of previous FYE 1220 themes, click this link.

Seminar Linked to Core Course (Learning Community)

The First-Year Seminar is linked to a core curriculum course. Students are enrolled in both courses, and apply the information literacy outcomes through a research project in the core course.

Course Meeting Times & Class Size

Typically classes run two days each week for 50 minutes (e.g., MW 9:05-9:55), except when courses are offered after 5:00, when they are offered for one hour and 40 minutes (on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays). Sections of FYE 1220: First-Year Seminar cap at as close to 22 students as possible; recent increases in the size of the first-year class have necessitated sections as large as 24.

Last updated: 3/25/2018

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