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Sample Syllabi

Please find three samples of FYE 1220 syllabi below. Unless otherwise noted, these syllabi are in .doc format. You are free to cut, paste, and use whatever ideas and language are useful to you (without attribution). However, please note: they are provided as examples of how a course might be arranged; they are by no means meant to be prescriptive.

Chris Caplinger Sample Syllabus (combined seminar and extended orientation). This syllabus includes all modules from the FYE Folio template and their associated dropboxes (it opts for dropboxes over quizzes in the Evaluating Information and Academic Research modules) and in addition to assignments that assess the course theme. Additional notes:

  1. SLOs are written in second person, a version approved by the FYE Advisory Council. Both second and third person versions are linked here.
  2. Outcomes are numbered sequentially for clarity’s sake. This is how FYE lists the outcomes for students, as in here.
  3. Attendance: This syllabus incorporates an attendance requirement with an “automatic fail” provision that is common in FYE. Note that this is not required (see above, and Alicia Spence’s syllabus, which does not include one).
  4. Final: While giving a final during the scheduled final exam period is required, for many FYE faculty, it’s not an important part of the course pedagogically. This syllabus allots only 1 percent of the course grade to the final exam, which means that students who are not on the borderline generally opt to not take it.
  5. Rubrics: paper; presentation

Alicia Spence Syllabus (combines seminar and extended orientation). This syllabus includes some modules from the FYE Folio template, but largely assesses FYE 1220 outcomes using other methods. Additional notes:

  1. A link to a course Google Calendar is provided in lieu of a day-by-day course schedule included in the syllabus.
  2. To preserve the layout of images used in this syllabus, the file is saved in .pdf format. A Word version is accessible here.

Sample EO Syllabus (explanation of red text and yellow highlighting appears as a comment after file is downloaded)

Faculty who would like to discuss the syllabus and layout of their courses are welcome to contact Chris Caplinger (478-1456; or Alicia Spence (478-2327;

Last updated: 8/2/2017

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