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Customizing Your Course in Folio

Whether it’s deciding what content to use – FYE modules, your own content, or a combination of both – or figuring out how to customize your FYE 1220 Folio course, FYE has plenty of resources available to help faculty build their courses. See below for more details. 

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How Did You Respond to the Customization Survey?

In the spring, FYE sent a Folio customization survey to all fall faculty. The steps you need to take to customize your course depend on your responses to that survey. If you responded to the survey and asked FYE to make copied content visible to students, start with the “Checking Copied Content” section. If you didn’t respond to the survey, or you asked FYE to make content invisible to students, start with the “Making Hidden Content Visible” section. 

Making Hidden Content Visible

Before you begin unhiding content, learn more about which modules are associated with FYE 1220 outcomes by reading our curriculum map. Then look below for the four steps faculty must take to make Folio content visible. Click links to view a how-to guide.

After you make these changes, make sure the students see what you want them to see by switching your Folio role to student view

Checking Copied Content
Set Due Dates

Setting due dates before the beginning of the semester helps students plan. If you asked FYE to copy content from a previous course, all old due dates have also been imported; it’s especially important to change these dates before the beginning of the semester to avoid students getting missed assignment notifications. See below for guides to change due dates for: 

Check Grade Items

Depending on what you asked FYE to copy over, you may need to change the value of grade items. See this tutorial for how to do so. 

Tasks All Faculty Must Complete
Complete and Upload Your Syllabus
  • Read about FYE 1220 syllabus requirements (includes considerations for faculty teaching pairs)
  • Upload your syllabus to the Start Here: Syllabus, Folio Tutorials, and First Week Survival Guide module (click the link for a guide on how to do this). If you do not upload your syllabus to this module, be sure to remove the word “syllabus” from the module’s title. 
Active Your Course

By default, students cannot see the course in Folio until you activate it. Once you have your course built, activate it!

Additional Folio Resources
  • Learn how to grade dropboxes 
  • Learn how to email your students
  • Utilize the CATS Folio Faculty Learning Center for online tutorials not mentioned here (including Folio tutorials for students)
  • Get Folio help if you need it by taking advantage of one of the following resources:
    • Build-a-Course Folio Workshops: These workshops are designed to provide faculty an opportunity to build their Folio courses in a computer lab with an FYE staff member available to offer help. Bring your task list to the session, work to build your course, ask questions to an FYE staff member if you need help, and walk away with your course ready to go! Sign up for a session here
    • One-on-one Folio assistance: email Alicia Spence at if you need one-on-one assistance building your course. 

Last updated: 8/4/2017

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