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Information Literacy in FYE 1220

Since its adoption in 2008, FYE 1220’s core common learning outcome has treated information literacy (S1). The framework for this outcome is a series of five evaluation criteria: currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy and purpose (CRAAP).  In 2015, First-Year Experience revised its curriculum substantially based on feedback from faculty. Two Folio modules comprise this curriculum. FYE 1220 faculty are required to assign both of the following modules and one of their corresponding assessments, or submit an alternate plan for meeting student learning outcomes:

  1. Evaluating InformationThis module introduces the concept of information literacy generally and explains the five criteria using references to every-day research needs. FYE adapted its CRAAP Test Quick Reference Guide from versions at Cal State Chico and the University of Wyoming.
  2. Academic ResearchFYE added an FYE 1220 outcome specifically addressing academic research (S2).  This module applies the CRAAP process to academic research, provides tools for students to conduct basic academic research and demonstrates ways in which students can expand their research beyond the classroom.

Georgia Southern students and faculty narrate most of the content in a series of short videos.

Special Thanks

Because FYE values collaboration with campus partners, the creation of this content heavily involved input from a variety of faculty and staff from a wide range of departments. Special thanks to the following faculty, staff and students who helped create, review and edit content:

Content Creators

Alicia Spence – Project Coordinator/Lead Writer, First-Year Experience

Ruth Baker – Henderson Library

Dr. Chris Caplinger –  First-Year Experience

Stacy Kluge – The Centers for Teaching and Technology

Content Review Workshop Participants

Don Berecz – School of Accountancy

Dr. Catherine Howerter – Teaching and Learning

Dr. Leti McGrath – Department of Foreign Languages

Dr. Joe Pellegrino – Department of Literature and Philosophy

Missy Plew – Communication Arts

Will Powell – General Studies Program

Dr. Diana Sturges – Health and Kinesiology

Dr. Brent Wolfe- Human Ecology


Student Reviewers

Dominique Appling

Will Douberly

Lexi Hurst

Katie Reams

Gelene Soleyn

Tevin Thomas

Video Production

Art Berger – Director


Rebecca Lynch – Producer

James Braswell

Student Assistants at the time of filming

Katy Burrell

James Harker

Evan Lebish

Allen Lincoln

Video Narrators/Content Reviewers

Dr. Kathy Albertson – Writing and Linguistics

Anu Akinleye

Ethan Bellora

Branden Green

Mariana Hernandez

Shelby Herrin

Chance Shelton

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