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Absences from Class

Scheduled Absences
Faculty who must miss class on university business should seek to find a colleague to cover the class or design another activity so that students are using class time in a meaningful way, consistent with the learning outcomes of the course. Peer leaders can cover the class if both the peer leader and faculty member are comfortable with this arrangement. Please note that peer leaders are not trained to lead classes independently (even when they teach a lesson, ideally, they would do so in the presence of their faculty member).
Notification Responsibilities
If you must miss two consecutive class meetings, contact FYE (Chris Caplinger, by email and include a brief description for how the classes will be covered. This enables FYE to respond to students or others who may have questions.  Exception: If you are canceling class for scheduled one-on-one meetings with students and this is noted in the syllabus, you do not need to contact FYE.
Unforeseen Absences
In the event of an unforeseen absence from class, please provide as much communication as possible. If you are able to contact students directly, please do. If at all possible, please contact FYE at 912-478-3939 (FYEX) to let us know, indicating whatever steps you’ve taken yourself. If needed, we would place a sign on the classroom door and if there is time, we would communicate electronically with students as well.
Family and Medical Leave
Faculty taking FMLA during the semester generally are not eligible to receive overload compensation (even if they are absent with pay). FYE does have some latitude, however, to compensate faculty if they are in the position to arrange for the covering of their classes and to grade assessed work upon returning. Contact Chris Caplinger as soon as you are able about a need to take family or medical leave.

Last updated: 6/4/2014

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