First-Year Experience
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Course Structure

The only pre-requisite for Global Citizens is FYE 1220 (First-Year Seminar). Classes will cap at between 25 and 30, to promote interaction in the classroom. The course will be taught by faculty in each of the undergraduate colleges. While meeting the broad general student learning outcomes, faculty are encouraged to draw on specific examples from their disciplines in teaching the course. Individual sections of Global Citizens will be designated by the college of the faculty member teaching the course in order that students may seek out sections most relevant for their major or potential major.

Global Citizens is a one-hour course. Sections may run for one hour a week for the entire semester, or twice a week for half the semester. With departmental approval, faculty will have the opportunity to link FYE 1410 to a subset of another course they teach.

FYE will coordinate a Global Citizens programming series in conjunction with other campus units designed to assist faculty and students in meeting the learning outcomes of the course.

Last updated: 5/30/2013

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