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Sample Syllabi/Exercises Created by Faculty

As a resource to faculty who are interested in teaching a Global Citizen course, we provide below samples from selected pilot syllabi and student exercises from Georgia Southern University faculty.

College Instructor Syllabus Featured Exercise
CHHS Dr. Joelle Romanchik-Cerpovicz Syllabus Culture of Food Project
CHHS Dr. Margaret Davis Syllabus Media Reports
CLASS Bob Frigo Syllabus Group Microlending Project
CLASS Dr. Krista Wiegand Syllabus Yulu/Zofatu Ethnic Groups
CLASS Dr. Laura Shelton Syllabus Favorite Product Essay
CLASS Dr. Robert Shanafelt Syllabus Impact of Things we Buy/Sell
COBA Dr. Dena Hale Syllabus Culture and Citizenship
COBA/CIT Dr. Paige Rutner Syllabus Travel Guide
COE Dr. Judith Repman Syllabus Creating a Global Education Blog
COE Dr. Michael Moore Syllabus Midterm Assignment
COST Dr. Michelle Cawthorn Syllabus Global Climate Change rubric

Please note: In order to align Global Citizens to the revised core curriculum, a group of faculty involved with the course revised the student learning outcomes to meet the new Area B outcomes approved by the University System of Georgia (See the history of the course for a more detailed description of this process). While similar to the initial outcomes printed on the syllabi above, the new outcomes are phrased differently. The third objective is more substantively different.


Last updated: 6/1/2013

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