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Rationale for Global Citizens

Global Citizens is the product of two University priorities.

The first is Georgia Southern’s commitment to provide transcultural opportunities for students. This commitment is premised on the fact that being able to think and interact globally are increasingly important skills for graduates irrespective of their field of study. The importance of this skill set was recently affirmed through the core curriculum revision process. In Spring 2010, the University designated Area B of the core “Global Engagement” and adopted the following student learning outcome: “Students will identify major themes across diverse societies in their historical and cultural contexts and will apply this knowledge through engagement in local and global communities.”

The second priority is an outgrowth of the University’s SACSCOC Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP): to engage students in their first-year on campus. By requiring the Global Citizens course in their second semester on campus, after students have already taken the First-Year Seminar (FYE 1220), the University is structuring a more robust and engaging first-year (as opposed to first-semester) experience for students. Moreover, one of the specific outcomes of the QEP is for first-year students to become “engaged members of diverse communities.” The Global Citizens course seeks to expose students to thinking globally and thereby to serve as an impetus for additional internationalizing experiences, such as other courses in their majors or study or work abroad.

Last updated: 6/9/2014

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