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Folio Overview and Customization Videos

FYE places standard FYE-created content into all FYE 1410 Folio courses. All but three modules and their associated assessments are hidden by default. This page gives an overview of what’s in that template, and includes tutorials for hiding or unhiding FYE-created content.

What’s in the Template and Why
First-Year Experience has created twenty modules as a resource (not a requirement) for faculty. Each module is designed to assist in the teaching and learning of the common learning outcomes for FYE 1410.  For more information about the modules, including a curriculum map, click this link.
Hiding What’s Visible

Most of the Global Citizens template in hidden initially from students.  The exceptions are three modules (“What is a Global Citizen?” “Characteristics of Culture” and “Global Engagement at Georgia Southern”).  These modules seem to have broader appeal irrespective of the topical nature of your specific section; per the faculty survey in Spring 2014, they were the three most commonly used modules, each of which were used by over 60 percent of respondent faculty.  If you’d like to hide these modules,

  1. Go to Edit Course, then Course Builder;
  2. Select the module you’d like to hide; and then
  3. Change the status from published to “draft.”
Making Visible What’s Hidden
If you want to use any of the 17 other modules that are initially hidden, reverse the process above in Edit Course/Course Builder.  Find the module in the “hidden” folder. Simply drag the module you want from one of those folders up to the “Modules” folder.
Customizing Assessments

Although they are not linked directly from the module page, each module has associated assessments. All assessments, even those for the three modules which are initially visible, are hidden initially.  If you want to use them, you’ll need to do three things:

  1. Make the assessment visible.
  2. Associate a grade item with the assessment.
  3. Set a due date.

Each of these three tasks is accomplished in the properties and restrictions tabs once you edit the assessment.  The specifics of the steps are demonstrated in the video above beginning at the 2:46 mark.

Need Help or Just Want to Start Over?

Contact Alicia Spence ( for individual assistance.

Just want to get rid of everything?  For instructions with screen shots about deleting all content for your course, click here. If you choose to delete everything, please forward the assignment you use to address the third SLO to Alicia Spence ( by the end of the third week of classes (January 26), as doing so helps us systematically collect data for program assessment.

Last updated: 11/28/2017

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