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Credentialing Faculty to Teach Global Citizens

At Georgia Southern and all accredited colleges and universities, faculty must be credentialed to teach the courses they offer. Typically, faculty are credentialed to teach in their disciplines based on the their graduate training (a minimum of 18 graduate hours in the discipline they are teaching). Because of the nature of Global Citizens course, however, credentialing is handled differently. While some faculty do have 18 or more graduate hours in a global field, many faculty are well qualified to meet the learning outcomes of the course based on a combination of “professional and life experiences.” The following are examples of experiences that we routinely use, often in combination, to credential faculty regularly appointed elsewhere at the university for teaching Global Citizens:

  1. Graduate course work with a global or intercultural content. This includes not only coursework where the connection is clear from the title alone (e.g., south-east Asian history), but also other types of courses (e.g., a seminar American diplomatic history which included an investigation of other cultures);
  2. Research agenda with an international or intercultural focus;
  3. Consulting abroad;
  4. Professional collaborations with international scholars;
  5. Living or traveling extensively abroad;
  6. Working domestically, but intensively, with international populations (in either professional or personal contexts).

Credentialing is completed only once per faculty member (i.e., we do not need to repeat the process if a faculty member teaches in a subsequent semester). When faculty initially express interest in teaching Global Citizens, they provide relevant information about credentialing. FYE seeks to make the most thorough documentation of qualifications possible. If additional information is required, FYE will follow up with faculty.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Dr. Chris Caplinger, director of First-Year Experience, at 912-478-1456 or

Last updated: 5/31/2013

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