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Compensation and Travel Options for Faculty Teaching FYE 1410

Effective Fall 2018, the faculty budget for teaching FYE 1410 is $1500 per section. Compensation possibilities are different for faculty members on academic contracts and for faculty on 12-month contracts.

Faculty Members on Academic Contracts

Faculty on traditional academic contracts in the fall and spring have a choice:

Option 1
Faculty may receive overload compensation divided into five monthly installments.  Total compensation is $1,000 for the semester.

As for regular compensation, individual taxes and and the employee share of retirement will be deducted from gross pay based on the faculty member’s individual W-9 filing with Human Resources.

Because faculty may only earn 33 1/3% of their base salary as overload compensation in a given fiscal year, not all faculty on academic contracts are eligible to receive direct compensation. Any questions about the availability of overload compensation should be referred to the faculty member’s department chair.


Option 2
Because many faculty value the professional development opportunities FYE stipends have provided in the past, faculty may choose to decline compensation in lieu of a departmental transfer to the faculty member’s budget unit. In this case the full budgeted amount ($1,000) will be transferred no later than the sixth week of the semester in which the section is taught. This is an attraction for some faculty because taxes are not deducted from this amount.

Please note that professional development monies will no longer be administered directly by FYE, a change requested by the Controller because of IRS considerations. Once transferred to the faculty member’s department, the monies are governed by departmental policies and expenditures are approved by the department chair.

Irrespective of the option selected, FYE encourages faculty to discuss compensation options with their chairs.

Faculty indicate which option they select when they express interest in teaching FYE 1410. They may change this option in writing until the fifth calendar day of the semester in which the course is taught, provided that in doing so, they are not exceeding overload compensation limits.

Faculty on 12-Month Contracts

Faculty members on 12-month contracts cannot be personally compensated for teaching during the work day when FYE sections are typically offered. They are already being compensated for their time during these hours. For this reason, FYE will initiate transfers for all 12-month faculty teaching FYE 1410 as in Option 2, above.

FYE does offer a limited number of classes after 5 p.m., and direct compensation is a possibility for 12-month faculty in these cases.

Last updated: 3/9/2018

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