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For whom is Global Citizens (FYE 1410) required?

FYE 1410 is required in Area B (now called “Global Engagement”; previously “Institutional Options”) of the core curriculum for all students who entered from Fall 2011 – Spring 2017.

  • Students admitted to the new Georgia Southern (starting fall 2018) will not need to take FYE 1410 to graduate.
  • For students who entered Georgia Southern prior to Fall 2011, the Area B requirement remains IDS 2210.
  • Students who are formally declared in an engineering transfer program will complete Area B at Georgia Tech, and therefore do not take FYE 1410 (see the Engineering Studies Programs program requirements). Please note: students in Georgia Southern engineering programs take the course as all other students do.

See the Core Curriculum Course Requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

When do students take Global Citizens?

Per the Catalog, students enroll in FYE 1410 in their second semester of their first-year of enrollment after successfully completing FYE 1220 (minimum grade of D).

  • Students who begin in the summer will take the course in the fall.
  • Students who begin in the fall, take the course in the spring.
  • Students who begin in the spring will have the option of taking it in the summer or the fall.
Is there a prerequisite for Global Citizens?

For students admitted as freshmen, the pre-requisite is FYE 1220. Students must earn a D grade or higher. During early registration, students presently enrolled in FYE 1220 will be allowed to enroll in FYE 1410 (the assumption being that they will pass). After grades have posted, students must have earned credit in order to register. First-Year Experience will remove students who are registered for FYE 1410 but fail FYE 1220.

Do transfer students take FYE 1410? Is there a prerequisite for them?
FYE 1410 is required for students who enter as transfer students in Fall 2011 or later and have not satisfied Area B at their previous institution. If the student also needs FYE 1220 (because they have not earned 30 hours or more, do not have credit for a similar two-hour course and have not been a full time student for two full semesters), then the student should take FYE 1220 first. The FYE 1220 prerequisite for FYE 1410 is waived for students for whom FYE 1220 is not required.
Do faculty designate themes for Global Citizens as they do for FYE 1220?
Faculty have the option to designate themes but are not required to do so. They are visible in the course search feature in WINGS.
Why do some courses meet for two days a week and others for only one?
The courses that meet for two days a week end around mid-semester (the general course search doesn’t indicate start and end dates, but they are indicated on the listing of courses offered; see here for Spring 2014).
Can students withdraw from FYE 1410?
While we do not recommend withdrawing, students may do so. This is different from FYE 1220, from which students may not withdraw. Students may withdraw from courses that run the entire term just as they would any other course via WINGS. For classes that run half-term, the withdrawal date is the day of the eighth class meeting and must be processed by 5 p.m. in the FYE office (Williams Center 1001), and not on WINGS. For Spring 2014, the deadline is February 6 for TTh classes and February 10 for MW classes. The deadline to withdraw will be published on faculty members’ syllabi.
What is the difference between FYE 1220 and FYE 1410?

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FYE 1220: First-Year Seminar FYE 1410: Global Citizens
Taken in first semester Taken in second semester
Two-credit hours; students receive a letter grade One credit-hour; students receive a letter grade
No prerequisite Prerequisite: FYE 1220/FYE 1220H; waived for transfer students needing course
University requirement (not in the core curriculum); transfer students exempt if they enter with 30 hours or more Required in Area B of the core curriculum; transfer students exempt if they enter having satisfied Area B at their previous institution
Students may not withdraw Students may withdraw. Students taking half-term classes must process through the FYE office in Williams Center and not on WINGS; the last day to withdraw is the day of the eighth class meeting at 5 p.m. (in Spring 2018, on February 1 for T/Th classes and February 5 for M/W classes).


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