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Administrative Issues for Faculty Teaching Global Citizens

In most respects, teaching Global Citizens is like teaching any other course. Faculty must verify attendance and submit final grades by the deadline, for instance. But in other cases, the administrative issues are different, and sometimes they are also different from FYE 1220.

Academic Alerts

Submission of Academic Alerts is required for all students in FYE 1220. For classes that run full-term, the deadline is the regular date established by the university (March 5 in Spring 2018). For half-term classes, the deadline is the seventh class day. The deadlines for Spring 2018 are as follows:

  • Tuesday/Thursday classes: January 30
  • Monday/Wednesday classes: January 31

For all classes, FYE strongly encourages submitting an academic alert for any student who shows signs of not being successful as soon as he or she is on your radar screen. Please note: you do not need to have a substantial percentage of the grade calculated to submit an academic alert. You’re simply providing an indication that performance is substandard and that the student’s performance needs to improve.


While we do not recommend withdrawing, students can withdraw from Global Citizens. This is different from FYE 1220, from which students cannot withdraw. For full-term courses, students may withdraw on WINGS (just as they would for all courses) by the 40th class day of the semester (March 5 in Spring 2018). For courses meeting two days a week and ending at midterm, students must process a withdrawal in person in the FYE office (Williams Center 1001) by 5 p.m. on the eighth day of class. The deadlines for Spring 2018 are as follows:

  • Tuesday/Thursday classes: February 1
  • Monday/Wednesday classes: February 5

Faculty teaching courses with earlier course end dates must indicate the specific withdrawal date for their course and the need to process a withdrawal in person in FYE on their syllabus, as these provisions are not published elsewhere on the university calendar.


The final for FYE 1410 takes place during the final week of classes. For Spring 2018, this falls April 23-26. Note: the final is NOT the week of April 30-May 4 (the week for most other finals)

For courses that do not run the entire semester, the final is on the last class day.


A syllabus is required for Global Citizens as it is for all courses. We must have a syllabus on file before we can disburse your stipend. If you post your syllabus on Folio, we can access it there. If you do not use Folio, please email your syllabus to Karen Deal at as soon as it is finalized and not later than the Friday of the first week of classes. The syllabus must include the student learning outcomes of the course and the withdrawal date if the course does not meet the full semester (see above).

Student Ratings of Instruction (SRIs)

For each section of Global Citizens, FYE administers student evaluations, which are comprised of the common evaluation instrument and an addendum that asks students to evaluate the extent to which the course enabled them to meet the learning outcomes. Typically, we administer these during the second-to-last or third-to-last class meeting, either at the beginning or the end of the class meeting time. Please plan accordingly. In order to have these administered at a time that is convenient for you, a representative from our office will be in touch at least a month in advance to schedule the SRIs.

Last updated: 1/5/2018

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