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Your First College Year

Your First College Year (YFCY) is a survey designed to collect information on the academic and personal development of first-year college students. YFCY asks questions wide range of cognitive and affective measures, providing institutional and comparative data for analyses of persistence, adjustment, and other first-year outcomes.  YFCY is a part of the CIRP suite of surveys designed by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA. Georgia Southern’s current first-year class participated in The Freshman Survey in August and September, 2011. Many of the questions on YFCY are designed as post-test questions for The Freshman Survey, which will allow Georgia Southern to measure change over the first year of college.

Survey Instrument
YFCY Participants, Spring 2012

Georgia Southern Results
  • Individual questions by sex of respondent, with comparison groups
  • By YFCY construct, a composite, weighted measure (both means and frequency distributions)
    • Habits of Mind, Academic Adjustment, Academic Disengagement, Faculty Interaction,Satisfaction with Coursework, Overall Satisfaction, Sense of Belonging, Academic Self-Concept, Social Self-Concept, Pluralistic Orientation, Positive Cross-Racial Interaction, Negative Cross-Racial Interaction, Social Agency, Civic Awareness, Leadership, Civic Engagement
  • By YFCY theme (groupings of questions)
    • Transition to College, Academic Outcomes, Interaction with Faculty, Academic Enhancement Experiences, Active and Collaborative Learning, Satisfaction with Academic Support and Courses, Satisfaction with Services and Community, Written and Oral Communication, Civic Engagement, Diversity, Health and Wellness, Religiosity/Spirituality, Career Planning, Navigational Action
  • Institution-specific questions
Longitudinal Comparisons with CIRP’s Freshman Survey

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