First-Year Experience
Georgia Southern University

Assessing FYE Programs

General Assessment of First-Year Students
Quality Enhancement Plan, 2005

Click here for FYE’s overview of the 2005 QEP.

General Faculty Involvement
First-Year Seminar

Each December, FYE asks faculty to complete an evaluation of their experience teaching the course, and each year, over 80 percent of faculty have responded. First-Year Experience and the FYE Council vet these survey results and use the information to make improvements the program and the resources used to support it. Based on an FYE Council recommendation, we’re making the raw data available here. The individual narrative comments are not reproduced because some of them are identifying, and we promise confidentiality when administering the survey.

Global Citizens
Conversations with Professors

Narrative comments in both the faculty and student assessments are not included because of identifying remarks.

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