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FYE 1220 Course Equivalency
FYE evaluates equivalency based on course descriptions through the traditional Transfer Equivalency process. We are looking for two primary criteria. The course must: 1) be a minimum of two credit hours; and, 2) include an information literacy component. The FYE courses at Kennesaw State and Appalachian State, for instance, meet the requirement. In the event that the course description doesn’t provide enough information to grant an exemption, students have the option of petitioning Chris Caplinger directly with a syllabus.
FYE 1220 Waiver Policy
Basic Policy and Process
Transfer students with 30 hours or more are exempt. Beginning in Fall 2013, waivers for these students have been automatically placed by the Registrar’s office in DegreeWorks. Neither students nor advisors need to take action in these cases. While automatic, please note that the process is still manual. The waiver should appear in DegreeWorks within a week of when a student registers (or is registered by an advisor) in a course at Georgia Southern for the first time. Students exempted from FYE 1220 still must earn the number of hours in their degree programs, typically by adding the two hours from FYE 1220 to the student’s elective requirement.
Who is a Candidate for a Non-automatic Waiver?

Transfer students who don’t have 30 hours are candidates for a waiver if they have completed two full-time semesters (12 hours or more) as a degree-seeking student at another university. The student doesn’t necessarily have to have passed 12 hours, but must have completed those hours. Withdrawn hours, especially when students have withdrawn from multiple classes, do not generally count, although we will consider these in some cases. Please note: We will not place a waiver until credit has posted to a student’s record in SHATERM.

“Freshmen” with 30 Hours or more are not Exempt

In the Catalog, the only “by rule” exemptions for FYE 1220 are for transfer students who enter with 30 hours or more. Students coded as freshmen admits (type A or B; check SOAR report or SGASTDN), irrespective of classification, generally take FYE 1220. The only exceptions are for students who took an equivalent course as a dual enrolled student (at KSU, for instance). These students don’t need a waiver, though. They go through the standard transfer equivalency process (see above).

FYE will also consider cases where former dual-enrolled students enter with more than 30 hours and an FYE course from another institution (even if that class doesn’t merit equivalency).

Academic Advisors can submit waiver requests to the Provost Office via a Petition for Academic Exception (PAE).

Last updated: 3/24/2020

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