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Registration and Academic Terminology

Academic Standing Policy

A policy that governs students whose Institutional GPA falls below a 2.0, the GPA necessary for graduation. Students will be placed on Academic Warning, Probation or Suspension based on several factors. See the policy here.


Source for information about all of the university degree and program requirements, including course descriptions, prerequisite information, and academic policies and procedures. It also lists the academic credentials of the faculty.


Courses that must be taken together in the same term are co-requisites. Courses that require co-requisites are noted in course descriptions printed in the Catalog.

Degree Evaluation

Report available on WINGS cross-referencing students’ unofficial transcript with the academic requirements of their major, or intended major (also known as a “What If” analysis).


A period at the beginning of each semester during which students are able to drop courses for which they have previously registered and/or add any additional available courses to their schedule. Usually ends on the fourth day of class in a 15-week semester.


Students taking 12 or more credit hours are considered full-time; however, students should take 15 or 16 credit hours each Fall and Spring semester in order to graduate in four years.

GPA or Grade Point Average

A measure of academic performance on a 4-point scale. There are several different kinds of GPA. See here for a description of the different types and for an explanation of how to calculate a GPA.


A course that must be satisfactorily completed prior to taking another course. For example, before taking ENGL 1102, a student must first pass (with a minimum grade of C) ENGL 1101. Prerequisites may be found at the end of course descriptions in the Catalog.

Registration Access Number (RAN)

A six-digit number allowing a student to register in WINGS. RANs are issued to students by their academic advisors. They ensure that students have been advised for the term for which they seek to register. Students have a different RAN for each semester.


“Web Interactive Network at Georgia Southern” is the University’s online student information system. Maintained by the Registrar’s office, it includes modules for registration, student information and records, student fees, financial aid, and more.

Withdrawing from a Course

Exiting a course after drop/add concludes. When done before the established deadline (roughly the 40th class day of the semester), students are not assessed an academic penalty, although withdrawing can create significant problems for financial aid and delay graduation. Withdrawing should only be undertaken with the advice of a student’s instructor, academic advisor and financial aid counselor. Beginning in Fall 2018, students may withdraw from a maximum of six courses during their entire undergraduate careers (excluding summers). If students withdraw from courses beyond the maximum of six, they receive a failing grade in the course.

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