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Students in all baccalaureate programs who wish to do so may add a minor to their major programs of study from the following list of Minor Programs. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree programs require a minor. The courses to make up the minor should be planned with the major advisor, unless otherwise noted. Minors and second minors may be declared as early as the freshmen year but should always be declared as soon as possible so that students have adequate time to plan the completion of their minors.

Disciplinary Minors

Within the fifteen hours of course work presented for the required minor in the B.A. programs or the optional minor in any bachelor’s degree program, the student must have a minimum total institution GPA of 2.0, with no more than three hours of “D” work. A minimum of nine of the fifteen hours must be earned at Georgia Southern University. A maximum of three hours may be taken under the S/U grading system within any minor.

Interdisciplinary Minors

Minors are available in several interdisciplinary areas, each of which is coordinated by a committee of faculty from the disciplines involved. A student who minors in one of these areas typically will major in one of the disciplines whose courses are listed in the minor. Otherwise, the student must secure the approval of the committee. Approval also is required for the group of courses selected to comprise the minor.

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