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GPA and Academic Standing

Types of GPAs

Types of Grade Point Averages

Institutional GPA

GPA earned for all non-Learning Support courses taken at Georgia Southern, in all semesters. This GPA is what determines your academic standing and eligibility to enter some degree programs. The Institutional GPA excludes courses taken at institutions other than Georgia Southern.

Term (or semester) GPA

The GPA you earn in a specific semester. Students make Dean’s List (3.5 or higher) or President’s List (4.0) based on their performance in a specific term. The mean (average) first-semester GPA for traditional first-year students at Georgia Southern is typically between 2.6 and 2.7. The Term GPA is particularly important if your Institutional GPA is below a 2.0; speak with your advisor early in the semester about this if your Institutional GPA is below 2.0.

Transfer GPA

GPA earned in courses taken at other post-secondary institutions.

Overall GPA

GPA earned in all post-secondary courses a student takes. Students graduating with honors must meet the GPA minimums for both Overall GPA and Institutional GPA.


The GPA used to determine HOPE eligibility. Very similar to the Overall GPA, the HOPE GPA also includes Learning Support coursework.

Calculating Your GPA

Click here to learn how to calculate your GPA.

Academic Standing

Click here to view the academic standing policy.

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