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Components of a Degree

Core Curriculum

The core curriculum is how the university ensures that you’ve been exposed to a broad array of subjects and approaches to understanding the world. Such exposure is one of the hallmarks of a college-educated person. The core should not be something “to get through” en route to your major, and for some majors, faculty advise that you spread the core classes throughout your undergraduate career. While undeclared students should take courses in the core while investigating a major, they should not focus on the core to the exclusion of major and career exploration, which may include taking courses outside the core in areas that could be possibilities for a major.

The core constitutes roughly half of the undergraduate major, and is composed of 1000- and 2000-level courses in six areas. Five of these areas, accounting for 42 hours, are common across all degree majors, although as noted above, the approach to how you take courses in the core will differ based on your major.

While some courses may be available for use in more than one area of the core, credit hours earned will only be applied to one core area and will not count in multiple categories.

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A major is an academic course of study, with specific requirements within an academic department. The major comprises roughly one-half (60 hours) of a degree program. To graduate, students must have a major.

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A minor is a secondary area of academic emphasis, usually requiring 15 credit hours beyond introductory course work. Bachelor of Arts degrees require minors. Most other degree programs do not require minors, although students in these fields may elect to earn one. In these cases, students may be required to earn more hours than the minimum number of hours necessary for the degree program.

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Additional Requirements beyond the Core and Major

FYE 1220 – First-Year Seminar (2)

KINS 1525 – Concepts of Health and PE (2)

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