First-Year Experience
Georgia Southern University

FYE Vision and Mission Statements

Vision Statement

First-Year Experience at Georgia Southern University will prepare students to become self-directed learners capable of authoring their own educational experiences.

Mission Statement

In support of Georgia Southern University’s mission to promote academic excellence and student learning, First-Year Experience (FYE) facilitates first-year students’ acclimation to the university community.  FYE’s faculty-led initiatives foster engagement and help students develop academic and life skills essential for success as college students and global citizens.

Additionally, First-Year Experience serves as the academic home for two groups of students: 1) those who are dual-enrolled in high school and Georgia Southern; and, 2) degree-seeking students who enter the university without a declared major.  Promoting active major exploration from the point students are accepted into Georgia Southern, FYE helps them make informed decisions about their majors by the end of their first year as a degree-seeking student.

Last updated: 9/27/2019

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