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Senate Executive Committee 2020-2021

Responsibilities: Article III, Officers: Bylaws, SECTION 2. The Senate Executive Committee shall serve as the chief governing body for all matters before the Senate, including procedure and protocol. It shall be the purpose of the Senate Executive Committee to guide the actions of the Senate so as to enhance all Faculty Senate activities.

Article III, Bylaws, SECTION 5. The duties of the Senate Executive Committee shall be as follows:
a. coordinate an orientation workshop for incoming senators and alternates prior to the first Faculty Senate meeting of the academic year on a date determined by the Senate Executive Committee;
b. appoint a parliamentarian to counsel the presiding officer regarding matters of parliamentary procedure. The parliamentarian, who may be chosen from any member of the university community, must be confirmed by a majority vote of the Senate;
c. review the report of the Senate Librarian as a means of expediting all Senate activities;
d. review all proposed agenda items prior to the construction of the Senate meeting agenda. The Chair of the Senate Executive Committee shall advise the President regarding the inclusion of these items on the agenda;
e. nominate one faculty member to serve as the institutional representative to the National Collegiate Athletic Association. This appointment must be confirmed by a majority vote of the Faculty Senate. There shall be a one-year apprenticeship prior to becoming the institutional representative. The institutional representative shall serve a six-year term of office (a total of seven years) and may succeed himself/herself. In cases where the institutional representative has been elected to office in the Sun Belt Conference and the term of that office exceeds the six-year term, the President of the University, in consultation with the Senate Executive Committee, may extend the term of the institutional representative to coincide with the term of the elected office in the Sun Belt Conference. Such an extension shall normally be limited to no more than two years;
f. nominate one faculty member to serve a one-year term as Student Government Association (SGA) representative. This vote must be confirmed by a majority vote of the Faculty Senate;
g. appoint members to both standing committees and ad hoc committees. In general, members shall be chosen to ensure representation from across the university community. The Senate Executive Committee shall solicit interest for nomination or appointment to standing and ad hoc committees. However, in some cases, qualifications for committee membership shall accrue directly from the nature of the committee activity and the interest and talents of certain individuals;
h. appoint and/or nominate, as appropriate, faculty to other university committees as requested by the President;
i. ensure that each ad hoc committee has a specific charge that outlines measurable objectives and appropriate time constraints and require that each ad hoc committee submit to the Senate Executive Committee a written report summarizing its activity. The Senate Executive Committee shall provide reports to the Senate for review and action, as needed;
j. meet at least once per semester with the chair of each ad hoc committee and may meet with the chair of any standing committee at the request of the Senate President. The purpose of these meetings is to review the committees’ progress toward the accomplishment of their objectives and to provide advice and assistance as appropriate;
k. review all the foundational documents of the University as they relate to the faculty, including, but not necessarily limited to, the Statutes, Bylaws, and various handbooks; examine extant committee structure of the Senate, including charges and composition; and recommend to the Senate such revisions or amendments as appropriate and necessary;
l. keep and provide minutes of all Senate Executive Committee meetings;
m. review and revise as appropriate the apportionment of senators from the colleges and the library according to the Statutes (see Article II, § I, and Article IV, § 17);
o. adjust term limits of committee members and senators as necessary to ensure appropriate continuity and apportionment (see Article II, § I, and Article IV, § 17); and
p. communicate to the faculty at-large reminders of Senate Agenda deadlines, Senate meetings, locations of minutes, and the Librarian’s Report.

Membership: Article III, Officers: Bylaws, SECTION 3. The Senate Executive Committee shall consist of one senator from each college and the library, elected by the faculty in their respective units for two-year staggered terms, and the Senate President who serves as the Chair of the Senate Executive Committee. Additionally, the President Elect, the Senate Librarian and the Senate Secretary shall serve in an advisory role as non-voting members, unless they represent their colleges on the Senate Executive Committee. A non-voting staff member designated by the President of the University shall serve as a liaison with the Senate Executive Committee. Staff assistance and administrative support shall be provided through the Office of the Faculty Senate.

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Voting Members (Elected)
College Name Membership Status Term ending CAMPUS
PAULSON COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & COMPUTING (PCEC) Cheryl Aasheim Voting member (Elected) 2022 Statesboro
COLLEGE OF ARTS AND HUMANITIES (CAH) Lisa Abbott Voting member (Elected) 2022 Statesboro
COLLEGE OF BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES (CBSS) P. Cary Christian Voting member (Elected) 2022 Statesboro
PARKER COLLEGE OF BUSINESS (PCOB) Bill Wells Voting member (Elected) 2021 Statesboro
COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (COE) Delores Liston Voting member (Elected) 2021 Statesboro
COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS (COSM) Jeff Secrest Voting member (Elected) 2021 Armstrong
UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Jessica Garner Voting member (Elected) 2022 Statesboro
JIANN-PING HSU COLLEGE OF PUBLIC HEALTH (JPH COPH) Bill Mase Voting member (Elected) 2022 Statesboro
WATERS COLLEGE OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS (WCHP) Voting member (Elected) 2022 Statesboro
Non-Voting Members
Patricia Holt Chair, Senate President 2021 Armstrong
P. Carey Christian President-elect 2021 Statesboro
Amanda Konkle Senate Secretary 2021 Armstrong
Barbara King Senate Librarian 2021 Statesboro
Helen Bland Past President 2020 Statesboro
President SGA

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