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Faculty Research Committee 2020-2021

Responsibilities: Bylaws: SECTION 23. The responsibilities of the FACULTY RESEARCH COMMITTEE shall be as follows:
a. recommend policy and procedures covering all aspects of the University’s support of faculty research and creative projects;
b. review and evaluate proposals for faculty research funding and allocate funds budgeted for that purpose;
c. review and evaluate nominations for awards and prizes in the area of faculty research;
d. address other specific questions in this area that may be requested by the Senate Executive Committee; and
e. report to the librarian, the Senate Executive Committee, and the Senate as described in Article IV, Section 3.

Membership: Bylaws:SECTION 24. Voting membership of the Faculty Research Committee shall be composed of one senator appointed by the Senate Executive Committee and faculty members elected by and representing each college and the libraries, one per unit. Non-voting membership shall be composed of the provost and vice president for academic affairs, or his/her delegate, who shall vote in the case of a tie among voting members of the committee.

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Voting Members (Appointed by the Senate Executive Committee (need one)
College Name Membership Status Term ending Campus
COLLEGE OF BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES (CBSS) Brett Curry Voting Member (SEC Appointed) 2022 Statesboro
Voting Members (Elected)
College Name Membership Status Term ending
PAULSON COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & COMPUTING (CEC) Marcel Marghiar Voting Member (Elected) 2022 Statesboro
COLLEGE OF ARTS AND HUMANITIES (CAH) Mary Villaponteaux Voting Member (Elected) 2022 Statesboro
COLLEGE OF BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES (CBSS) Jeffrey Klibert Voting Member (Elected) 2022 Statesboro
PARKER COLLEGE OF BUSINESS (COB) David Sikora Voting Member (Elected) 2021 Statesboro
COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (COE) Antonio P. Guiterrez de Blume Voting Member (Elected) 2022 Statesboro
COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS (COSM) John Carroll Voting Member (Elected) 2022 Statesboro
UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Caroline Hopkinson Voting Member (Elected) 2022 Armstrong
JIANN-PING HSU COLLEGE OF PUBLIC HEALTH (JPH COPH) Asli Aslan Voting Member (Elected) 2022 Statesboro
Non-Voting Members
Lance McBrayer, Associate Dean, College of Science and Mathematics Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, or his/her delegate: Statesboro

Last updated: 8/4/2020

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