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Faculty Senate RFIs


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RFI 9_14_2020 Scheduling_J. Michelle Cawthorn

RFI 9_14_2020 Rationale and Duration of MW Schedule Changes_Jeffrey Riley

RFI 9_13_2020 Class Scheduling_Jack Simmons

RFI 9_01_2020 Monitoring of Instruction_Heidi Altman

RFI 8_30_2020 Facilitating and Encouraging Outdoor Course/Group Meetings_Scott Beck

RFI 8_27_2020 Parking Permits_Carol Jamison

RFI 8_06_2020 Inter-campus Shuttle Ridership Tally for 2019-2020 Academic Year_Catherine Macgowan

RFI 6_11_2020 Election Day_Chris Barnhill


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RFI 4_17_2020 Improvements to Customer Service of Office of Research – Audit from Spring 2020_Helen Bland

RFI 2_21_2020 Student Food Bank_Lisa Abbott

RFI 1_17_2020 Effect of Curriculum Changes on Dropping Enrollment_Patricia Holt

RFI 1_17_2020 Termination of Limited Term Faculty in May 2020_Sarah Mendenhall

RFI 1_14_2020 Preferred Name Rollout_Lisa Abbott

RFI 1_06_2020 Working Environment over Break_Donna Mullenax

RFI 12_30_2019 2020 Military Times Best for Vets College Rankings: Georgia Southern Unranked_Grant Gearhart

RFI 12_17_2019 Waitlist Response Time_Donna Mullenax

RFI 12_16_2019 Trashing of Desks in University Hall_Leigh Rich

RFI 11_16_2019 Transparency of Limited Terms being converted to Assistant Professors_Donna Mullenax

RFI 11_16_2019 Transparency in the Selection of Provost Fellows_Patricia Holt

RFI 11_11_2019 Transparent Budget Process_Helen Bland

RFI 11_04_2019 Definitions of Starting Points of Salary Positions_Nancy Remler

RFI 11_04_2019 Senate Motions from the Floor_Lisa Abbott

RFI 11_03_2019 First Year Experience (FYE) Faculty Compensation and the Use of Academic Advisors and Peer Mentors to Teach FYE in Fall 2019_Wayne Johnson

RFI 11_01_2019 University Statements and Policies on White Supremacy, Hate Speech, & Terrorison_Christopher Cartright

RFI 9_27_2019 Book Availability at the University Store_Ted Brimeyer

RFI 9_11_2019 Bookstore_Joshua Williams

RFI 9_05_2019 University Closure Policy_Jim Braselton

RFI 8_29_2019 Student Names on Class Roles_Lisa Abbott

RFI 8_30_2019 Student Conduct Board/Academic Dishonesty_Lori Gwinett


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RFI 4_30_2019 External Letters of Review for Lecturers_Jonathon Hilpert

RFI 4_30_2019 Notification of a Death in the University Community_Faculty Welfare Committee

RFI 4_30_2019 Recourse when policies are not in place_Jonathon Hilpert

RFI 4_26_2019 Withdrawal from Course after Semester Mid-point_Bill Wells

RFI 4_16_2019 Credit Hour Production Numbers & Calculation _Dustin Anderson

RFI 3_13_2019 Regional Academic Plan 2017_Ted Brimeyer

Attachment: RAP update 2-4-2019

RFI 2_13_2019 The salary study’s impact on current job searches_Finbarr Curtis

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RFI 3_25_2019 Bookstore Markup_Ted Brimeyer

RFI 1_30_2019 Budget diversion and increased enrollment_Christopher Cartright

RFI 1_23_2019 Number-of-faculty-affected-by-transition-to-new-tenure-and-promotion-guidelines_Jonathon Hilpert

RFI 1_13_2019 Information-Regarding-Transitional-T-and-P-Policy_Ted Brimeyer

RFI 10_01_2018 University, College, and Departmental Budget Transparency_Heidi Altman

Last updated: 10/13/2020