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Major Faculty Evaluations

Major faculty evaluations for promotion and/or tenure are initiated and conducted through Sharepoint (using Internet Explorer).

  • Submitting Promotion and Tenure Documents
  • Student Ratings of Instruction (forthcoming)
  • Timetable for Promotion and Tenure Review
  • Faculty Handbook
    • Types of Faculty Evaluation (table in Handbook)
    • Tenure Guidelines (Handbook, section 310)
    • Promotion Guidelines (Handbook, section 311)
    • Appeals (Handbook, section 313)
    • Lecturers and Senior Lecturers (Handbook, section 316)
    • Pre-Tenure Review (Handbook, section 308)
    • Post-Tenure Review (Handbook, section 312)
    • Request Extension of Tenure Clock Review Process (FMLA, Sickness, etc.) – (Policy) (Handbook, section 309)

Last updated: 1/14/2021