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TA2 Training

Congratulations on your appointment as a Teaching Assistant, Level 2!

Before you are appointed, a TA2 begins; you MUST complete the Faculty Center’s Teaching Assistant, Level 2 Training Program.

For the upcoming Summer 2023 Semester, the TA2 training will be held online. This online training will be open from May 15, 2023, through August 2, 2023.

Please allow 48 hours after enrollment for your Folio courses to update and activate your online access. You will receive a separate email inviting you to the online component. Once active, you should complete the online training at your own pace, but remember that you need to pass the assignments and complete all activities with an 85% or higher to pass the TA2 training.

In-Service Training

During their first year as instructors of record, it is recommended, but not required, that TA2s complete at least one training option each semester. This can include a teaching observation of the TA2’s classroom instruction and other workshops and seminars offered by the Faculty Center. TAs interested in improving their knowledge of pedagogy and tracking their progress are recommended to participate in the Faculty Center’s system of badges. Learn more about the different badges and services offered by exploring the Faculty Center homepage

TAs may also complete a Teaching Portfolio with the following elements:

  1. Teaching Philosophy Statement
  2. Overview of Teaching Responsibilities
  3. Documentation of Teaching Effectiveness
  4. A minimum of one teaching artifact (i.e. syllabus, assignment, activity, etc.) created by the TA.

TAs are encouraged to attend a Faculty Center workshop on “Creating a Teaching Portfolio” and/or consult with a Faculty Center coordinator on creating their teaching portfolio. If interested in compiling a Teaching Portfolio, we recommend that TAs collect materials that refer to their teaching, such as assignments, student work, student evaluations, peer evaluations, etc.

Training for Teaching Assistants

Training by the Faculty Center is required for Graduate Students with a TA2 teaching assignment. Graduate Students teaching as a TA1 and those without a teaching assignment (departmental policy may vary) are welcome to participate in the training, but it is not required.

Participants collaborate on course planning activities throughout the seminar.

Last updated: 3/7/2023