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Lightboard & Design Studio

Lightboards help faculty transition from using chalkboards in face-to-face classrooms to publishing the same lectures online using digital video.

By using a piece of glass instead of a chalkboard and luminescent ink instead of chalk, the traditional chalkboard has been re-imagined for a new era and is known as a Lightboard. Originally invented by Michael Peshkin at Northwestern University, the current model housed at Georgia Southern was created by our own team of technology experts.

Watch a Demonstration

Dr. Peter Rogers, Department of Civil Engineering & Construction Management


  • Simulates face-to-face teaching methods
  • Engages and captures students’ attention with eye contact and gestures
  • Presents your content to students in a way that is natural and familiar
  • Lightboard videos add a personal feel in the online platform
  • Enhances flipped methods
  • Your strengths are visible
  • Ideal for STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), but appropriate for any discipline using symbols, drawings, equations, formulas, illustrations, and diagrams to explain complex processes.

Last updated: 8/25/2022